Zilis Ultra Cell CBD Oil Reviews

full spectrum hemp cbd oil review


  • Hemp authority certified
  • They have a full team of medical advisors


  • Expensive
  • Water-soluble CBD oil hasn't been proven to be the best or any better than normal CBD oils
  • There are many complaints online that they are a scam

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How We Review CBD Products

At CBDTornado we strive to educate our readers on the natural compounds found in the hemp plant, the benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD), and how it can help your body. We also share how CBD oil works in the body and how to buy the best CBD products. CBD is, unfortunately, a poorly regulated industry with scams left and right.

It has opened up doors for entrepreneurs to make some quick money by selling low-quality products that don't help at all.

What makes a CBD oil product low quality? 3 things mostly. Number 1 is lack of CBD content or lack of proof of CBD content. The second is contamination such as heavy metals. The last thing is that it contains higher THC content than it's supposed to. The only thing that determines all of these things is third-party testing.

When we analyze a company we are looking for 10 main things:

  • Third-party lab test
  • Available strengths
  • Available flavors and taste
  • Farming and plant extraction methods
  • Customer testimonials
  • Customer service
  • Cost per mg
  • Unique selling point
  • Offers
  • Company reputation

We can then get a broad picture of the company as a whole. The final thing we do is we will rank it and see if it takes the top 3 spots in our best CBD oil list. If it does then we recommend them to our readers.

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Zilis UltraCell Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil Products

Features & Summary

Zilis CBD oil Ultracell is a water-soluble full-spectrum hemp plant extract that comes in 3 flavors. Berry, lemon, and raw (natural flavor). A full-spectrum oil extract contains all the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. Zilis also sells many other Ultra products such as Ultra Burn (weight loss) and Ultra Dream (sleep) but these are not your standard CBD oils. They also have topical products which are supposed to help with the pain.

  • Available strength range: 312mg - 500mg
  • Bottle sizes: 15ml, 30ml
  • Cost per mg: $0.29 - $0.30
  • Type of extraction: Full-spectrum hemp CBD
  • 3 flavors: berry, lemon, raw
  • Customer reviews: None
  • Third-party lab test: Yes (you have to ask them to get it)
  • Offers: None
  • Certifications: Hemp authority certified
  • USP: Two delivery systems (liposomes and micelles) for best CBD absorption, water-soluble






Hemp Authority Certified

Zilis has a US Hemp Authority certification. This means that their products are natural and were grown and regulated in the US at a high standard.

Ultracell CBD Oil Technology

Zilis products that are called Ultracell are created using something called Ultracell technology. This comprises two types of delivery systems called Liposomes and Micelles. Liposomes are supposed to control the speed of the benefits of CBD. And Micelles is supposed to rapidly release CBD.

The whole idea behind this unique delivery system is to absorb CBD more efficiently. Zilis claims that their CBD oil is 94% bioavailable so this indicates that the health benefits of CBD may be more noticeable. There is little research to back up these claims of better absorption but more companies are starting to do this now. The main thing when it comes to absorbing CBD oil is the carrier oil used.

Red Flags

No Customer Testimonials

One major red flag I've seen while browsing through their CBD products is the lack of customer testimonials. On all of Zilis CBD oil products, they have no reviews at all. This is what led me to search for what other customers have said online in forums. And most of the reviews were negative.

No Offers

The fact that they provide no offers at all is a little off-putting. Most companies that we have reviewed all have some kind of offer such as free next-day shipping. 3 common types of offers that the best companies have are:

  • Signup discounts/free shipping
  • Autoship discounts
  • Free 30-90 day trial guarantees

Trial guarantees are probably the most important. If a CBD oil company is confident in its products, it would offer a trial guarantee. So if it doesn't work for you then you should be able to return it and get a refund.

Low Potency

When I was looking at their oil I wasn't sure how potent was. Usually, CBD oil is labeled with the total mg of CBD on the front. So I looked at the nutrition information.

many reddit comments provide their full-spectrum hemp cbd oil use
A Youtuber doing a Zilis CBD oil review

For a 15ml bottle of Ultracell, it says hemp oil extract is 8.34mg per serving and CBD is 2.08mg per serving. I'm guessing that the total CBD per serving is 10.42mg but then again I could be wrong. So in total, the whole bottle would have 312.6mg. For a 30ml bottle, it's 16.67mg per serving. The total bottle is 500mg.

This is far too low for the price you're paying. If you have a view of the dosage chart below you will soon realize that even the 30ml bottle won't last you long. The average dose is around 25mg to see the effects.

dosing table


As I just mentioned the potency range is far too low. Not only that but it's super expensive. It's important to understand the value of CBD oil because your goal should be to get the most amount of CBD for the best value possible.

Have a look at our rating system that we've used for all gradings:

  • Best value: $0.087 or less
  • Good deal: $0.088 to $0.149
  • Fair deal: $0.150 to $0.211
  • Pricey: more than $0.211

According to our rating, Zilis is pricey. Their CBD oil ranges from $0.29 - $0.30.

About Zilis

I'm not going to explain everything about them because you came here for Zilis Ultracell CBD oil. Here's some brief info about their company:

  • The name Zilis is a Swahili word that means "nutrition multiplied".
  • They follow an MLM business model.
  • They have multiple products such as topical, oils, and powders.
  • They use 2 types of delivery systems to enhance CBD absorption for the body. They also claim to use water-soluble ingredients.
  • They have a 'Pay It Forward' program which incentivizes potential ambassadors to work with them.

Brand reputation

Zilis is becoming more and more popular. They've even been featured in the news.

On Zili's website 'zilis.com', in the about section and you'll see a medical advisory team of highly qualified individuals.

Their site as a whole looks pretty good. One thing I always check for when it comes to a brand's site is the customer testimonials. This is proof that customers use their products and are having success.

On their website, they provide no customer testimonials on their Ultracell full-spectrum hemp oils. So I went on to good old Reddit to find out what previous customers are saying about them.

zilis ultracell cbd oil is discounted for patriots

I came to find out that there are a lot of negative opinions on them and their products. Words such as "MLM" and "scam" were brought up quite a lot. Either people are just out there to sabotage the Zilis brand or they may be onto something.

What is an MLM?

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a business model. In other words, it’s a pyramid scheme. Many pyramid schemes are notoriously known for unethical business practices or just being downright sketchy. There's a lot of controversial opinions on this business model as a whole.

On Youtube, I checked out a few videos of the Ultracell CBD oil. This one video featured a guy reviewing the product. In the description, there was a link that took me to the Zilis website.

ambassador page screenshot

After visiting this link, I was able to see Zilis's CBD oil products. Look at the top right-hand corner. You can see the face of the same guy from that video. This shows that he is an ambassador of Zilis and he is an example of being a part of an MLM.

zilis site

Ambassador Program

What does being an ambassador of this company mean and what does it provide? Well, Zilis allows you to join them and sell their products for an incentive.

The incentive is usually a commission for every sale that you generate or another person being recruited into the pyramid scheme. On their site, you can join their program to sell their products. Zilis give you all the material you need. If you genuinely believe in their products you can be paid for spreading the word and helping to sell the product.

Pay It Forward Program

zilis ultracell cbd oil is discounted for patriots

Aside from the ambassador program they also provide another program that serves veterans in all branches of the US military. They give them two options. Either become an ambassador for the company without paying the upfront fee or buy Zilis products at wholesale price.


Many people are now catching onto the popular health benefits of the natural compounds in the hemp plant. People use Cannabidiol (CBD) for anti-inflammatory benefits, pain relief, sleep support, weight loss, skin conditions, and more. The compounds found within hemp activate your endocannabinoid system in the body, allowing you to experience things like better sleep, less pain.

Even though CBD may have all these benefits and therapeutic effects, it's still important to check for lab testing. Why? Because CBD is an unregulated industry some products are found with high THC levels, well above the federal limit. The THC in hemp is supposed to be less than 0.3%. Anything well above the limit can make you feel the side effects and you will feel high.

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