Zilis CBD Oil Review

CBD Oil is not something you just randomly buy. It's important to always do your research as it's not a regulated industry.

Today we will be posting an in-depth Zilis CBD oil review. Zilis is quite a popular brand and many people are interested in their products.

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I discovered Zilis through their YouTube channel and came across a video.

The first thing I thought to myself is, “what am I watching here.” Is this about CBD Oil or some charity event?

After doing some more digging into what this company is. I found out that they are an MLM company. They sell the idea of health and organic methods for living.

The word ‘Zilis’ is a Swahili word that means “nutrition multiplied.” If you knew how MLM works, you would understand the irony in this.

The majority of their content is mostly promoting their events. I couldn't find much information about their products.

A lot of people are curious about CBD oil because of its benefits. Many sellers have entered the market and started selling poor quality CBD products, which makes people believe that it doesn’t work.

I didn’t have any clue about CBD when I bought my first bottle. This is why it’s essential to do your research, which is what I’m sharing with you now.

What is MLM?

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a business model. In other words, it’s a pyramid scheme.

How do I know this? Well, when I went on their website, the first thing I click on is the shop now button. From here, I was expecting to see a list of their products as you would expect with any online store.

Here’s what I see:

Showing Zilis's website

I was so confused at this point. Why am I having to call this company before seeing their products?

I decided to go on good old YouTube to find out how people are buying it. So I typed in “Zilis CBD oil review.” I saw a thumbnail that got my attention and decided to watch this video:

This was the most pointless review I’ve ever seen in my entire life. This isn’t even a review. He’s basically saying, “I was skeptical, but it really works. Believe me, guys, it works.” The more I watched this video, the more brain cells I was losing.

No offense to the guy, but if you’re reviewing a product, you want to say more than “it works.”

When I looked at his description box, there was a link to Zilis’s website. He also mentions that he is an ambassador. This means that he is part of the pyramid scheme I told you about earlier.

A You-tuber doing a Zilis CBD oil review

After visiting this link, I was able to see the products that Zilis was selling.

Look at the top right-hand corner. You can see the face of the same guy from that video review. He is affiliated with Zilis, and he’s getting paid in some way. Behold the pyramid scheme.

ambassador page screenshot

I want to make one more point about MLM programs before I talk more about Zilis’s website. MLM, in my opinion, is the worst way to buy a product because there is a lack of trust.

A person who takes part in this MLM business model usually has to pay to enter. They make money by convincing someone else to buy the product to start making profits for themselves. This is just my own personal opinion so don't hate me for it.

Just like you saw in the video, he is trying hard to get you to visit Zilis’s website without really sharing much info about the product itself. If he weren’t tied down by this company and genuinely liked the product, then he would go into more detail about the product.

Zilis website

When I finally looked at their list of products after clicking that guys link, I could see a list of what they were selling.

List of products and prices

Zilis is primarily an e-commerce website that sells other people’s products. This means that they don’t even manufacture their products. They mainly use their branding, but they don’t create the actual CBD oil themselves.

After skimming through, I can already tell they put a lot of thought into marketing their products. They have seven total products with different names for different people. What struck me, though, is how most of their products don’t even contain CBD.

Product Name

Amount of CBD





Lemon, Berry, Raw



Doesn't say



UltraCell Topical

Doesn't say





Does't say




Does't say




Does't say




Does't say


As you can see from the table above, they sell seven main products. Only 2 of these products mention CBD, which is UltraCell and UltraCell topical. The rest sounds like marketing. CBD is the compound in cannabis that acts with our Endocannabinoid System to give us the effects.

They also use combo packages to maximize the value of the customer’s cart. So they encourage you to buy the UltraSystem. The UltraSytem is getting UltraCell and UltraCBG so you can benefit from the entourage effect.

This is ridiculous. When you buy CBD oil, you’re supposed to have a full-spectrum extract, which contains all the cannabinoids. Not separate. Again this sounds like more marketing.

Customer service

They appear to have a chatbox, but as expected, it’s automated. I sent a message asking them to share lab results of their products, and I got no reply. I waited for hours and still no response. I even left it on standby to see if they would reply within 24 hours and still no reply.

UPDATE: We did get a reply from them. Find out more later on.

zilis's customer service

Ultra challenge

I’ve been seeing this pop up multiple times while being on their website. They seem eager to get visitors interested in these events. I think this is how they recruit potential ambassadors to help them promote their products.

Zilis has an event called Ultra Challenge

They also have this 7-day challenge where you do the following:

  • Buy a kit
  • Register on their website
  • Follow their system
  • Submit your results

You can see these reviews on social media, including YouTube. The reviews I’ve seen are similar to the ones I showed you earlier.

From what I see here, they are incentivizing both customers and potential ambassadors to buy their products. The reviews are their social proof to get you to buy their product. The only problem I have with this is how genuine are these reviews?

Pay it forward

One thing I can give credit to is that they have a patriot program. So for every bottle, a customer buys, Zilis provides support for mothers and other people around the world who suffer from poverty. They support them by giving them essential vitamins and additional health assistance.

Even if they are an MLM company, they seem to be helping others, which is great. Now that video I watched at first is starting to make more sense.

Let’s talk more about the product now because that’s what you came here for.

Zilis CBD oil (ultracell) review

Let’s talk more about the product itself. You’re probably wondering about the following:

  • Is Zilis CBD oil a good quality product?
  • How do you take it?
  • How does it taste?
  • Can I travel with it?

All these questions will be answered and more.

Overall specs

Here are the overall specs of Zilis CBD oil UltraCell:

  • Full-spectrum hemp extract
  • 500mg CBD (highest)
  • Water soluble
  • Travel version available
  • Three flavors available
  • US Hemp Authority Certified

Farming methods

zilis's faming methods

Farming methods are what determines the quality of CBD oil. Poor quality farming leads to impurities and low levels of CBD.

If you know anything about cannabis, you would know that the plant goes through a process to make CBD oil. This process involves:

  • Growing the cannabis sativa plant
  • Harvesting and extracting cannabinoids

CBD and THC are the two primary compounds in the cannabis plant, along with many other cannabinoids. There are also two parts of the plant, which is marijuana and hemp. Hemp is what is used to make CBD oil and has less than 0.3% THC.

Hemp is legal in every state, whereas marijuana may not be legal in your state as THC is the psychoactive compound that gets you high.

On Zilis’s website, there is no mention of farming methods at all. I couldn't find it so if they update it, we'll include it in.

When it comes to hemp-based products, they can absorb a lot of heavy metals and other harmful substances. The only way to prove that the seller’s products are organic or free from impurities is through a lab test.

lab test, test for potencies of CBD along with a check for contaminants.

Zilis CBD oil ingredients

Here is where we get to see what’s inside. The ingredients look fine. Probably not the healthiest, but it does contain the active ingredient, which is full-spectrum hemp CBD.

zilis's CBD oil ingredients

Full-spectrum CBD is crucial because you benefit from the entourage effect. This is cannabinoid synergy, which gives you more benefits compared to your standard CBD isolate or broad-spectrum.

The main cannabinoids to create the entourage effect should be:

  • High amounts of CBD
  • Trace of THC (less than 0.3%)
  • Small amounts of all the other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, etc


For some reason, there is only one picture for potency. They sell UltraCell in three different sizes, but there’s only a picture for their bigger bottle.

Thought I’d mention that because their biggest bottle contains only 500mg of CBD for the entire bottle. That’s not a lot for an expensive product.

Credentials and 3rd party lab testing

Third party lab test example

3rd part lab test is essential for verifying the potency of CBD in their products and containing no impurities.

I went on every page of Zilis’s website, and there is no mention of lab tests. That’s why I asked someone on the live chat, and I got no reply. What I’ve noticed is that in other reviews of this product, they say it’s lab tested. I couldn't see this information anywhere.

UPDATE: As I mentioned earlier, we did get a reply from Zilis regarding their 3rd party lab testing. Click here to see their Certificate of Analysis.


UltraCell has three flavors which are Lemon, berry, and raw.

The Lemon and berry don’t taste that bad, but the raw flavor may be offputting for some people. CBD oils generally have a bitter taste, which is normal.

How do you take Zilis CBD oil?

Zilis only has one CBD oil called UltraCell. CBD oil is taken by putting it under your tongue and holding it there for 30-60 seconds before swallowing.

How to take Zilis CBD oil

The CBD in the oil is absorbed by the glands in your mouth and enters the bloodstream. By doing this every day for at least a week, you should notice a big difference in the relief of symptoms you may have. CBD is supposed to help treat things like:

  • Anxiety
  • Pain
  • Insomnia

Can you travel with it?

All of their products come with travel options.

Can you travel with Zilis CBD oil

Final thoughts

I feel like there is a strong emphasis on recruiting people into their MLM scheme, and they don’t care much about the product. The product itself sounds like a lead to get people involved so that they can make more money from their events.

That’s my own opinion, so take it with a grain of salt.

Comments like these under watching this video made me think otherwise of their honesty as a brand:

Zilis's youtube review 1
Zilis's youtube review 2

Is Zilis CBD oil legit?

Zilis does have 3rd party lab testing but you have to ask them for it. So if you intend on buying from them, you should email them to show you lab reports.

The comments on social media indicate a lack of trust. It's most likely due to people who tried to join the scheme or dissatisfied with the product quality. I'll leave that up to you to decide.

Should you buy it?

Okay, guys, that was my in-depth review of Zilis CBD oil. I hope you guys found this review helpful.

Zilis seems like an okay company but they aren't the best on the market.

The best CBD oil on the market right now is CBDPure. They have lab reports for each individual product. So when you buy it you can enter in your batch number and it will show you exactly how much CBD is in your product. They have a ton of positive reviews and experiences using their products.

They also have a 90-day money-back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose.

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