Why CBD Oil Potency Matters

Are you wondering why CBD oil potency matters when choosing a product?

From a consumer's perspective, this is one of the most important things to understand for multiple reasons.

One being, you must know how long the product will last you based on your daily dosage. And two, you want to see the value you're getting because not all products are equal.

Assuming you already know what CBD oil is, let's dive straight into everything you need to know about CBD oil potency.

By the end of reading this post, you'll walk away knowing how to pick the best product for yourself and how to manage the right dosage.

how cbd is measured

Does the amount of CBD in the bottle matter? Yes, 100%.

A CBD oil bottle consists of two crucial things, CBD and a carrier oil that CBD is infused into.

CBD is a compound extracted from a strain of cannabis called Hemp. A carrier oil is what's used to help with the absorption of CBD because it's fat-soluble. Examples of carrier oils can be hemp seed oil, olive oil, MCT oil. You get the picture.

Depending on the extraction methods used, there may be other cannabinoids present, terpenes other plant chemicals.

Now that we understand what's inside a bottle of CBD let's find out the types of CBD oil are and how CBD is measured.

Types of CBD oil

There are two types of CBD oil products that play a role in the strength of the effects. Full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate.

broad spectrum vs full spectrum vs cbd isolate explained

Full-spectrum CBD oil

When a hemp plant goes through the first extraction process, it's a full-spectrum extract. That means it has all the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other plant chemicals.

When everything is together, this provides herbal synergy, which makes the effects a lot stronger and potent. This is also known as the Entourage Effect.

Broad-spectrum CBD oil

Broad-spectrum CBD is created by removing the trace of THC entirely so that it's THC free. This is done through distillation before finally placing it into a carrier oil.

Due to the absence of THC, the Entourage Effect is gone, making it less potent. However, some people prefer this because of THC sensitivity. Some people are also worried about failing a drug test, which is why they may opt for a broad-spectrum (THC free) CBD oil.

CBD isolate

After THC is removed, further distillation takes place by removing all the other cannabinoids completely. This results in isolating CBD itself, which appears as a white powder.

This white powder is then added to a carrier oil with CBD isolate being the main ingredient. You may think that CBD isolate may be better, but in fact, it's the least effective. Even with high doses of CBD, it needs the other cannabinoids and terpenes to keep increasing the effects.

CBD mg & percentage

So how is CBD measured when a CBD oil bottle has these compounds?

Well, when you buy a product, it will show the amount of CBD in milligrams, or CBD as a percentage.

A standard CBD oil bottle comes in a 30ml bottle. Let's go with 1500mg of CBD per bottle, that's 50mg of CBD per 1ml dosage.

The product will come with a dropper and instructions on how many mg of CBD there is per drop. If each drop were 5mg, then you would need to take ten drops to reach a 50mg dosage. Make sense?

CBD potency testing

The one important thing that verifies the potency of any product is a third-party lab test. CBD is an unregulated market, and tons of products don't match their labels.

A product could claim X amount of CBD on their label and have only 60% of what they claim. This means it's not as potent as it says it is.

So how do you find out if the product is third-party lab tested? Well, it should say it on the product along with instructions on how to view it, or it should be on their website.

Why CBD oil potency matters

CBD oil potency matter for several different reasons. If you want to save money and get a higher quality product, then you must be aware of these things.

1. Bottle sizes and potency

bottle sizes and potency explained

The higher the percentage of mg of CBD in the bottle, the more potent it is. For example, one 30ml bottle that has 1000mg is twice as strong as a 500mg 30ml bottle.

But what happens when you have the same potency but different bottle sizes?

Well, if you took two bottles that have 1000mg of CBD but one bottle is 30ml, and the other is 100ml, then the 30ml would be stronger. Even though they have the same amount of CBD, the 100ml bottle is diluted in more carrier oil, making it less potent when dosing.

2. Value of CBD oil

value of cbd oil explained

The value of CBD can be determined by finding out how much it cost per mg of CBD. The lower the cost per mg of CBD, the more value it holds. This means you're paying less money for a higher quality product.

Some products on the market justify their premium prices, only because they are selling a bigger bottle. In this case, size doesn't matter. It's about how much CBD you're getting and how much you're paying.

Think of this as putting gas in your car. Gas makes your car run. You would be happier if you paid less money per liter, right? The same applies to CBD oil.

3. The biphasic effect

CBD oil has a biphasic effect, which can affect how you feel when taking it. Depending on what you're using it for, you could be wasting money.

The biphasic effect is two different states that you can be in when varying doses. Taking smaller amounts provides wakeful energy like getting a buzz from coffee. But higher doses create a sedative effect. Think of alcohol. When you have a small glass of wine, you feel up, but when you drink too much, you want to sleep.

If you're taking CBD oil primarily to feel more alert and focused for the day, you can get away with taking much less. This can save you money in the longer run.

How to choose CBD oil potency

Here you'll discover precisely how to determine which potency CBD oil you should take.

What is high potency?

So what is a high potency CBD oil bottle? According to the Weedmaps Ph.D. advisor, high potency is 50mg of CBD per ml. That concentration level is usually in the $100 plus range.

Remember earlier when we discussed the types of CBD oil? Even if you have a high potency CBD oil bottle, it could be made with CBD isolate. This makes it less effective when compared to broad-spectrum or full-spectrum.

The cannabinoids bind to the cell receptors of the ECS, and CBD needs other cannabinoids to provide optimal effects.

Should you try high potency straight away?

It makes sense to start with high potency because you're almost guaranteed to see the effects, right? Wrong!

If you start with high potency, you have no idea if you could've used much less to get the same result. So that's why its best to start small and work your way up each day until you reach your desired effect.

The goal should be to find your optimal dosage and not waste product.

CBD dosage chart guide

how much CBD oil you should take

When buying CBD oil, you'll come across three typical strengths of CBD. Most bottle sizes are 30ml, so this is what we will be sharing. You can use this guide to determine which potency level you need.

Low potency (300mg)

This is the lower end of the spectrum. This is recommended for those who are new to CBD and trying to figure out their optimal daily dosage. It's the cheapest and may run out quickly, depending on how much you need.

Mid potency (500mg)

Intermediate strength is for people who already got their feet wet and knew how much to take per day. This level of potency is ideal for people who want to treat mild to moderate anxiety and even pain.

It's also for people who weigh a lot more in general. So, in this case, men and those who carry more weight will need a stronger amount of CBD to feel the effects.

High potency (1000mg)

Anything CBD oil product that is 1000mg or more is for people who are trying to treat intense conditions. For example, chronic pain, high levels of stress, or anxiety, and insomnia.

This will be the most expensive. It can be quite tempting for those new to CBD to jump straight to this level, but it can result in wasted money for no reason.

Final thoughts on CBD oil and potency

Hopefully, by now, you understand why CBD oil potency matters.

Remember that not all CBD oil products on the market are equal. It's an unregulated market that makes it easy for companies to use unnecessary ingredients and get away with low potency products.

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