What CBD Oil Does Joe Rogan Use?

You're probably wondering, what CBD Oil does Joe Rogan use? Well, today I'm going to answer that so you can pick up a bottle and see how it works for you.

I've been subscribed to Joe Rogan's podcast for a while now. I often watch JRE Clipsto get a condensed version of some of his videos on specific topics. I came across one video that caught my attention. I learned that Rogan is a massive advocate of cannabis and it's medicinal properties. Especially CBD oil.

This video was called "CBD is better for sleep than Ambien." It was this video that got me hooked, and I wanted to try it out. I suffered from insomnia horribly at one point, and I was tired of taking sleeping pills and getting all kinds of side effects.

Today I will share with you what CBD products Rogan uses and how you can get one for yourself. If you want to skip the boring parts, you can click here or keep reading.

Benefits of CBD oil

Joe Rogan: CBD oil for anxiety & pain

In this podcast, Joe mentions that CBD is the best thing that he's tried for anxiety. He never noticed that he had anxiety until he started taking CBD.

Rogan is known to smoke marijuana. Marijuana is high in THC and contains little to no CBD. A side effect of high THC is anxiety or paranoia. This could explain why he was experiencing this, especially with the hectic lifestyle that he has.

He then goes on to talk about his friend, who was a runner. He said that his friend was taking Ibuprofen every day to treat pain. His friend later found out that he is putting his health at risk by doing this.

Rogan suggested trying CBD because he has used CBD to treat his pain. He mentioned he uses mostly CBD oils and topicals to treat pain.

Joe Rogan: CBD oil for sleep

In this video, Rogan's guest, Ben, is doing most of the talking about CBD. Ben made some excellent points about THC and CBD, which are two primary cannabinoids in the cannabis plant.

He goes on to say that THC makes you fall asleep faster, but it reduces the amount of REM sleep you have. REM sleep is an essential part of your sleep cycle. It's the part of your cycle where you are in a state of deep sleep. CBD, though, doesn't make you fall asleep as fast as THC, but it helps you stay in a deep sleep for longer.

Ben mentions that he takes 100mg of CBD before bed every night, which is a huge dose. The reason he has this much is that he smokes marijuana also.

You won't need this much if you don't smoke marijuana because I mentioned earlier marijuana is high in THC. CBD balances the effects of THC by reducing the adverse effects caused by THC. So taking a high dose like Ben would be overkill.

What CBD oil does Joe Rogan use?

what cbd oil joe rogan uses

Rogan has stated that he uses a combination of CBD oils and topicals. CBD oils are the best way to consume CBD because of its high bioavailability. The effects kick in quickly and last a long time. Rogan has never explicitly said what CBD oil or topicals that he takes in any of his videos.

I think the reason is that he isn't sponsored, so he doesn't want to give free promotion. However, the best CBD oil on the market right now is a brand called CBDPure. You can get it for the best price and they have a 90 day money-back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.


So, what CBD oil does Rogan use? He hasn't openly shared it because that would be free promotion for a company that he isn't getting paid. He currently sits at 7+ million subscribers as of 2020, so he is a massive channel.

All he has shared was how beneficial CBD oil was for him. It helped him with reducing anxiety, sleep, and managing pain from his MMA training.

Best CBD Oil: The best CBD oil on the market right now is CBDPure. They are the most affordable and they have the highest quality products you can get. Plus they have a 90-day money-back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

Nabrissa Simpson

I'm the co-owner of CBDTornado. I live in Star, Idaho and CBD oil has got rid of my anxiety and muscle pains. I take 50mg a daily and haven't looked back since.

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