Tokyo Drift CBD Coffee Review

Are you thinking about trying the Tokyo Drift CBD Coffee?

If so then here is our quick 5-minute review breaking down everything you need to know.

S0 we've all seen the movie Tokyo Drift from the Fast & Furious collection. If you haven't then shame on you. You may have seen this drink around if you live in Chicago or Dallas. Not so much outside these places as they only sell them in stores in these areas.

CBD-infused coffee is growing in popularity because of it's effects of getting that caffeine boost while also keeping you relaxed.

The company that makes this beverage is called Marz Brewing. They are well known for making beer but they've recently collaborated with Bridgeport Coffee to deliver this product. Okay enough with the intro and let's dive into the review.


Before I even get into this review you first need to know what CBD is. It's pretty pointless to try this product if you don't even know how it will affect you.

To make it simple Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound found in cannabis. HOLD ON. Before you start panicking it's not the same thing you're probably thinking about.

CBD is the NON-psychoactive compound. In other words you will not get any high from it.

The other compound you might of heard of is THC. THC IS the psychoactive compound that gets you high. CBD does not, just want to clarify that.

How CBD works in the body is it interacts with your body's network of cannabinoid receptors also known as the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). When you consume CBD, this activates the ECS giving you the effects. The typical effects of CBD are:

  • Reduced anxiety
  • Reduced pain and inflammation
  • Improved sleep

CBD-infused coffee popularity

Tokyo Drift CBD Coffee Review


marz coffee tokyo drift

Taste is subjective but a lot of people have described the taste of Tokyo drift CBD Coffee as citrus-like or acidic. It's probably not what you'd expect coffee to taste like. The coffee taste is quite subtle as you get more of that citrus flavor overpowering it. As for the CBD, the taste from any "plant" is almost non-existent.


The effects of this beverage is a regular caffeine boost but nothing out of the ordinary. As for the CBD content, it's quite low especially for an edible.

Usually edibles that are CBD-infused including candy, beverages etc have higher amounts of CBD. The reason being is because edibles take a lot longer to feel the effects. It has to pass through your digestive system to get to your bloodstream and most of the CBD is lost. On average edibles have a minimum of 200mg to make up for this lost CBD and Tokyo Drift Coffee only has 30mg of CBD.

What you will generally feel from this beverage is a normal caffeine boost and that's it. Keep reading on and we will suggest a better alternative at the end.


Tokyo Drift CBD coffee cost $5 for a single and a 4 pack cost up to $18.99. A whole can is 330ml and it contains 30mg of CBD which determines a value of $0.17 per mg of CBD.

We rate the value of CBD as the following:

  • Best value - $0.087 or less
  • Good deal - $0.088 to $0.149
  • Fair deal - $0.150 to $0.211
  • Pricey - more than $0.211

So by our rating system we rate this beverage as a fair deal.

What we like about Tokyo Drift CBD Coffee

It's a good idea

The whole concept of infusing CBD with coffee is a good idea. However I feel like Marz Brewing failed to deliver on this product. We will explain more about this in a second.

Value of CBD

The value of CBD is okay. A lot of companies are ripping people off by charging an exorbitant amount of money for products that contain little to no CBD.

What we don't like about Tokyo Drift CBD Coffee

CBD content is too low

The CBD content is far too low for an edible. As we mentioned earlier most edibles have at least 200mg of CBD to make up for the lost CBD when digesting it. 30mg is literally nothing for an edible especially if you're someone who doesn't absorb things well.

No verified lab-report

Third party lab test example

Lab Report Example

To top it all off there is no lab-report to show the CBD content. A lab report is document that verifies how much CBD is in the product the company is selling. This is what builds trust with consumers because it's the only way of knowing that there is as much CBD as they claim.

Lots of companies on the market are selling CBD and making false claims on the label. They get away with this because CBD is not regulated by the FDA. If a company cannot show a lab report then we don't even bother recommending them to anyone.

Final thoughts

CBD-infused coffee is good for people who want to dial back the negative effects caused by caffeine. When you drink lots of coffee or caffeinated drinks it can give you the jitters. CBD can help greatly for reducing those jitters. However Tokyo Drift CBD Coffee isn't going to cut it because the CBD content is far too low.

What we recommend is that you get another CBD product that is high in CBD and combine it with drinking normal coffee. The best CBD brand on the market is CBDPure. They have verified lab-test for all of their products. A 1000mg CBD oil mixed with some coffee will do you wonders.

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