Pure Hemp Botanicals Review

Are you interested in buying something from Pure Hemp Botanicals but you want to know more about their brand?

This post is a full in-depth review that will answer all your questions. We won't talk about every single product but we will cover their most popular such as tinctures and vape pens.

Let's cut the jibber jabber and get straight into it.

products that pure hemp botanicals sell

Here is a list of the products they sell:

  • Tinctures for both humans and pets
  • Capsule
  • Softgels
  • Mints
  • Pure CBD crystals
  • Hemp tea
  • Vape oil cartridges and kits

You have two options. You can get products individually or take advantage of their subscription service which offers a 25% discount.

How's the quality?

All the products by pure hemp botanicals are all organic. So for all of you who prefer organically grown products will be happy to hear this.

The muscle rub which is their topical product may not be the best. The reason I say this is because they have quite a few ingredients such as menthol, camphor, etc. These ingredients may be the the reason why it feels like it's working and not the cannabinoid quality in it.

However their teas, vape oil and capsules are all high quality and have lab-test to back this up. More on this later.

Does it taste good?

describing how pure hemp botanicals products taste

Let's take the muscle rub out of the equation when talking about taste. I'll only comment on the smell. It has a dominant mint aroma but it doesn't smell like chemicals. It's more of a natural smell if anything.

As for the tea, the taste is okay I guess. It has a mild flavor which doesn't really satisfy a sweet tooth. Taste is subjective though and I'm not much of a tea drinker so don't take my word for it.

The vape oil has a natural citrus flavor which actually tasted pretty good. Then again taste is different for everyone.

I don't think there's any point really going into too much detail regarding taste of all of their products. But overall the best way to describe pure hemp botanicals is natural and subtle.

Is it easy to use?

Capsules and vape oil pens are the most convenient ways to take CBD. The best way is probably vaping because it gets absorbed into the blood stream the quickest. So if you want to get feel the effects quickly then you may want to consider getting their vape oil pens.

The tea comes just like any other regular tea. Speaking of convenience you could use it at home but what if you need CBD when you're on the go? You can't exactly make tea if you're on public transport.

The muscle rub comes in two different packages. A chap-stick looking tube and the other is a tub. The tube package is a little better because it's more portable. It's like choosing between chap-stick and a jar of Vaseline. Chap-stick is almost always a better choice.

The tinctures are taken sublingual. So you simply put it under your tongue for 30-60 seconds before swallowing. This can quickly be applied if you use a bathroom at work or restaurant.

Overall all the products by pure hemp  botanicals are well designed and you have a bunch of options to choose from depending on your circumstance.

How you use them

CBD can be taken in different ways and pure hemp botanicals pretty much covers you in all ways. The main ways you can take CBD are sublingually, orally, vape and topically. I'll explain how each of pure hemp botanical's products are taken.

Tincture: Sublingual method. You drop some oil under your tongue, wait 30-60 seconds before swallowing.

Capsules: Taken orally. Simply take your required dosage and swallow with some water.

Tea: Taken orally. You make tea like normal.

Muscle rub: Applied topically. You put it on the area where you want relief from pain or inflammation.


Dosage is going to reflect the experience you're going to get. There is no universal dosage so this will require experimentation on your end. Pure Hemp Botanicals has a range of strengths in their products. So depending on the severity of your condition and how long you want it to last you, you should pick a product accordingly.

How much CBD should you be taking?

Here's a table that you can follow to find out your ideal dosage requirements. The amount you weigh and the severity of your condition will determine how much you need.

This table isn't the end all be all. It's simply a guide to help you with your starting dose. You will still need to experiment to find the sweet spot for your needs.

how much CBD oil you should take

The value of CBD

CBD is just a cannabinoid at the end of the day. How can we determine the value of a CBD product?

Well you need to calculate the cost per milligram (mg) which is what you are paying for. You can find this out by dividing the price of the product by the amount of mg for the total product.

By understanding the value you can get more CBD that can last you longer. The cheaper it is per mg the better it will be. I've done the heavy lifting for you. You can look below to see the cost per mg for each of their products.

  • Tinctures: $0.05 per mg
  • Capsules: $0.08 per mg
  • Tea: $0.12 per mg
  • Muscle rubs: $0.46 per mg
  • Vape oil (250mg cartidge): $0.11 per mg
  • Vape oil (500mg cartidge): $0.09 per mg
  • Vape oil (250mg cartidge & pen): $0.15 per mg
  • Vape oil (500mg cartidge & pen): $0.11 per mg

Can this brand be trusted?

Pure Hemp Botanicals provides lab test, however they don't provide an independent or internal laboratory. This doesn't mean that they aren't legit, however this is a question that we have. They do have information providing their farming and extraction process and you can contact them if you have any specific questions which is good.

Lab Tested

lab test of each product

All products by Pure Hemp Botanicals goes through strict testing to make sure they have high quality CBD. High quality CBD means there is as much CBD as the company claims there is on the label.

So if the company claims they have 500mg CBD in a tincture, the lab-test should reflect that. Lab test are the only ways to verify the quality of the product.

Each product that they have has a lab result number corresponds to their lab test. This is huge. You cannot get any more proof than that especially if every product is being tested, not just one batch.

Final Thoughts

Well that is our Pure Hemp Botanicals review. I think that they are quite trustworthy. They defenitely appeal to those who live that quote on quote "healthy lifestyle". I say that because all their products are organic and also vegan. So as a company they seem to care about their customers as well as business ethics.

Also considering they have lab test to prove the CBD content in all of their products, this alone is something that a lot of companies don't do. The main con would probably be the price but at the end of the day you get what you pay for especially if it's a quality product.

The best CBD brand by far is CBDPure. This currently still remains number one on our list.

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