What CBD Oil Does Joe Rogan Use? [Brand REVEALED In This Podcast]

which one does joe rogan use every day answered (links below)
Written by Melanie Jackson
Updated On July 30, 2021

Joe Rogan is famously known as an ex-comedian and podcast host of 'The Joe Rogan Experience'. He has millions of subscribers on his YouTube page and covers a range of controversial topics. In multiple episodes, he shares information about the therapeutic effect of Cannabidiol (CBD) and how it helps him every day.

Are you wondering which brand Joe Rogan uses and what type of products he would use? Well, today I'm going to reveal the exact brand that he mentions in his podcast as well as the types of CBD products.

I've been subscribed to Joe Rogan's podcasts for a while now. I often watch JRE Clips to view a condensed version of some of his videos on one specific topic. I learned that Joe Rogan is a massive advocate of cannabis and its medicinal properties, especially the compound CBD.

I came across one video that caught my attention. This video was called "CBD is better for sleep than Ambien." It was this video that made me curious because I have sleep issues and anxiety, and I wanted to know what he would say about it.

The Exact CBD Brand Joe Rogan Uses

Joe Rogan reveals the brand he uses during an episode with Maynard Keenan. The brand that he takes is CBDMD (Use coupon code: CBDMD15 for 15% off all orders). He takes 1000mg per day right now which is an extremely high dose. 99% of people would rarely need this amount.

Joe Rogan Interview With Maynard Keenan

comedian joe rogan and best friend on cbd - spotify posts

In episode 1553, Joe Rogan reveals the exact brand and the amount of CBD he uses to Maynard Keenan. They start talking about CBD between the 20:00 - 23:00 mark.

Keenan shares that he was diagnosed with COVID-19 early last year in 2020. He mentioned that he suffers from joint pain which then led to Joe asking him what he currently takes for that. Keenan says he was taking methotrexate which is a medication used to aid rheumatoid arthritis.

Joe then asks him if he has ever tried CBD. The conversation then leads to Joe talking about all the pros of CBD and how he recommends it to everyone, even to their dog. He used to have a toe injury and he was like "man I can bend my toe on the ground and there’s no pain at all".

What Type Of Products Does Joe Rogan Use

Joe has revealed in other podcasts that he uses a combination of tinctures and topicals. When he takes the tincture he has 1000mg a day (not at one time) and then he puts a topical on the area where it's inflamed.

Where To Buy

You can get CBDMD's products on their website. They are one of the best brands on the market.

All of their products are broad-spectrum (THC-free) which means you can enjoy them without any risk of failing a drug test. They are also vegan and gluten-free in case you have any dietary requirements.

Whether you're a field athlete, suffer from mild or chronic pain this product will help you recover from injuries and aid with pain.

Why You Should Buy From CBDMD Company

They have an irresistible offer of free shipping on orders over $79.95 and you can save 30% on your first purchase with auto-ship & save.

Lastly, they offer a 60-day guarantee so if you have a bad experience you can simply return it for a refund. 

Joe Rogan On CBD Benefits

On the Joe Rogan Experience, Joe shares that he has only smoked pot around 6-7 times before 30 years old which isn't a whole lot. But after that, he started using it way more.

Joe Rogan explains that he started smoking a lot more after the age of 30. He goes on to talk about how he used to smoke with his friend Eddie. Joe then shares that pot is great for creativity but on the flip side, it makes you paranoid.

In other podcasts, he shares that he is fond of Cannabidiol (CBD). He goes on to share that CBD helps counteract the paranoia associated with pot. There are also some other benefits that he mentions that CBD can help with which I will go into now.

You can find out more information about all the pros of CBD here.


In this old Joe Rogan Experience episode, Joe mentions that CBD is the best thing that he's tried for decreasing overall stress. He never noticed that he had a problem with this until he started taking CBD.

Marijuana is high in tetrahydrocannabinol and contains little to no CBD. A side effect of this cannabinoid profile is anxiousness or paranoia. This could explain why he was experiencing this, especially with the hectic lifestyle that he has.


CBD is a cannabinoid that helps with pain. It can aid people that suffer from mild to chronic pain depending on the dosage taken. The pain relief you get from CBD is more apparent than all other cannabinoids. It's also non-psychoactive so you can have both the pain-relieving benefit and the non-psychoactivity.

In that same video, I showed you a second ago, Joe talks about a runner that he knows. Joe said that the runner was taking Ibuprofen every day for years for his pain. He warned him that he was putting his health at risk by doing this for a while. He highlighted that you cannot use OTC medications for years on end without seeing any consequences.

Joe Rogan suggested trying CBD as a natural alternative because he has used CBD to treat his pain personally.

The Endocannabinoid System

Have a look at this picture below to see how CBD affects the body.

the human endocannabinoid system


In this Joe Rogan Experience episode, the guest Ben shares information about CBD. Ben made some excellent points about the effects of CBD and other cannabinoids.

Joe Rogan goes on to say that tetrahydrocannabinol makes you fall asleep way faster, but it reduces the amount of REM sleep you have. REM sleep is an essential part of your sleep cycle. It's the stage of your cycle where you are in a state of deep sleep. CBD, though, doesn't make you fall asleep as fast, but it helps you stay asleep for longer.

Ben mentions that he would take 100mg of CBD per day at a time before he goes to bed, which is a huge dosage. The reason why he has this much is that he smokes pot also.

Forms Of CBD

It's important to know the differences between what you can use on the market. CBD products come in all forms. That's because CBD is simply a chemical compound that gets extracted from the hemp plant. When the whole plant gets extracted it gets infused with many types of products.

Hemp oil however is an extraction of the hemp seeds instead of the entire plant. Why does this matter? Well only tiny amounts of CBD are found in hemp oils.

Sometimes brands label their products hemp-derived/based which makes it even more confusing. You can verify if you're getting CBD or hemp seeds by checking their statements for third-party lab testing information and data. This information is found on a brand's website. It will show the cannabinoid content as well as tests for contaminants which lets you know that it's safe to take.

If a brand doesn't have this on their website then it's probably not a good company and you should look somewhere different.


A CBD product that is taken via inhalation is pretty well known. This involves smoking or vaping. The end product is either the hemp plant itself or a concentrate such as e-liquid.


Sublingual is one of the best ways to take CBD. Oils and tinctures are both taken sublingually which means you put them under your tongue before swallowing.

Many people may say that using CBD sublingually doesn't work. That's because they are swallowing it straight away which works like an edible. Holding it under your tongue avoids the digestive process and more CBD gets into your bloodstream. The onset of effect happens almost right away but on average it occurs in about 5-10 minutes.


Topicals are things like creams, balms, and everything else you put onto your skin. Many people use these to deal with pain symptoms, including pains in a specific area.


Edibles are products including gummies, capsules, and everything else that is taken orally. These take a long time to feel anything because it has to bypass your liver first.


Joe Rogan isn't the only one who uses CBD. In fact, celebrities like Mike Tyson are huge advocates of hemp and its medicinal use. Los Angeles is known for its cannabis but now hemp is starting to take over.

Joe has revealed that he would use tinctures and CBD creams for pain relief. The brand he revealed he uses is CBDMD and nothing else. They are one of the best brands around. They have a 60-day guarantee which you can use on their site.

The cost is cheap and for it to be sent to your door, the shipping is free on orders over $79.95.

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