Live Well CBD Review

Are you looking for an honest review on the Live Well CBD brand, also known as LVWell CBD?

And I mean an HONEST review. I've come across a few websites recommending this brand and I have no idea why. It's getting quite popular in the UK for the attractive price tag so I decided to do some intensive digging.

I've spent hours analyzing their site and finding out what others had to say. So in this post, you're going to find out everything you need to know.

One last thing. There are two brands that have similar names. This is the Live Well CBD brand that I'm talking about. This is their logo.

live well cbd logo


  • Wide variety of products
  • Has good offers for buying in bulk
  • Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum available
  • Uses Co2 critical extraction methods


  • Confusing Website
  • Sells other products non-CBD-related
  • So many products with no focal point
  • No lab-test available to access
  • Very little information about the company

Before I jump into the review, allow me to explain what CBD is. You must understand why people are even getting CBD in the first place. Lots of people believe it to be a miracle cure and some others believe it to be a scam. However, there is a fine line.

CBD is a cannabinoid that exists in the cannabis plant along with hundreds of other cannabinoids and terpenes.

The effects that cannabinoids have on the body

Each cannabinoid has different effects on the body

Cannabis in the UK is illegal, however, CBD products are not. The reason why is because of THC content. CBD products are not sold as cannabis. They are called industrial hemp because it contains less than 0.03% THC.

The effects of CBD

There are different types of CBD products but they all do the same thing. Some take longer to feel the effects that others. How it works is, when you take it, it activates the cannabinoid receptors in your body. This is known as the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). When this is activated you begin to feel the effects of CBD.

explaining how CBD works in the body

Who Is Live Well CBD?

Live Well CBD is a wholesale company that operates in Middlesbrough, UK. If you go on their website you'll their wholesale section. It looks like they help sell other people's products. That would make sense considering they have other brands in their store.

After checking out their website I've never been so confused in my life. They have so many different products including different types of CBD and forms. Live Well CBD claims that its products are extracted using supercritical Co2 and winterization.

Live Well CBD Product Line

As I said before they are a wholesale company so they sell their own products with their brand as well as other brands. So far they have:

  • LV Well CBD
  • Natures Blend
  • Silver Seal

These are the three main brands that I've seen. They sell a bunch of products ranging from CBD oil to vaping liquids. They even have other products that are not related to CBD at all which I find quite strange. I'm guessing it's because of wholesaling?

Let's get into them now.


cbd oils

They have a combination of full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products from different brands. All the oils range from 300mg-5000mg total CBD in the bottles. This is quite a good range because it gives you the choice to choose how strong you want the effects to be.

Here's a list of the CBD oils they have:

  • Balance By LVWell CBD (800mg)
  • LVWell CBD, broad-spectrum (300mg - 3000mg)
  • Natures blend, broad-spectrum (300mg - 3000mg)
  • LVWell CBD, full-spectrum (500mg - 3000mg)
  • Silver Seal, broad-spectrum (500mg - 5000mg)



CBD cosmetics don't really do anything but they're getting more popular now. Live Well CBD has:

  • Massage oil (300mg)
  • Muscle rub (75mg)
  • Lip balm
  • CBD bath bombs

These are the least effective type of products if you're looking to get benefits of CBD. They don't interact with your ECS because they are applied on the skin mostly. CBD applied to the skin has the least bioavailability of CBD.

The only way thing that could be considered effective is by using a CBD topical for pain. Other than that don't even waste your time.



This is how I know at this point, they are selling everything and anything that's related to CBD. In this section of their website, they sell CBD isolate crystals, virgin hempseed, and fractionated coconut.

The only thing that makes sense here is the CBD isolate crystals. This is pure CBD which can be added to CBD oils to increase the amount of CBD in it. It's the least effective when taken alone.

Soft Gel Capsules

soft gels

Next, they have soft gel capsules. You can choose between full-spectrum or broad-spectrum gels that range from 200mg-1000mg for the whole thing.

Full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate refers to how CBD was extracted from the hemp plant. Full-spectrum is a whole plant extraction that contains all the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. Broad-spectrum means that THC was removed and CBD isolate means everything is removed except CBD.

Vape Liquids


Lastly, they have vaping liquids from Live Well CBD themselves and their liquids range from 300mg-1000mg.

They don't have any devices that come with it so I'm guessing you add it to a vaping product of your own.

What's The Difference Between The CBD Products?

As there are so many CBD products to choose from, how do you know which one to get?

It comes down to three things:

  • How it was extracted
  • Your required dosage
  • The form

Well, good question. As I stated before there are different types of CBD extractions. Full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. If you want to get the best effects of CBD and everything it has to offer, then it's best to go with a full-spectrum extraction.

Dosage requires experimentation because there's no universal dosage. So if it's your first time you may want to go with a lower dosage first.

The form of CBD also matters. The bioavailability of CBD is the greatest in vaping, followed by CBD oil, edibles, and topicals.

The best product that suits most people is CBD oil. It takes around 5-10 minutes to feel the effects and it lasts between 4-6 hours.

What Customers Are Saying

On Trustpilot, they have a 4.9 rating with a bunch of positive reviews.

trustpilot reviews of Live Well CBD

Most people talk mostly about their service rather than their products. People are saying that their delivery and customer service is really good. However, very few people are talking about the effects of the product themselves.

This is the most important part. The big reason why people take CBD in the first place is to get the benefits.

I also looked up forums such as Reddit. People say that the price tag is what got them interested. Others are saying that it doesn't matter, which I totally agree with. There's no point in getting a cheap CBD product if it doesn't even contain CBD.

People have also stated that they have no lab-test. Let's get into that now.

Lab-Results: Is Live Well CBD Safe?

Lab-testing is extremely important in the CBD industry. Due to a lack of regulation, a lab-test is the only way to verify potency and safety.

CBD products can be contaminated with all kinds of nonsense and lab-testing assures you that it's safe to take. The same thing goes for potency. If the bottle claims that it has 300mg then the lab report is supposed to reflect that.

Live Well CBD doesn't have any lab-test on their website at all which is a huge red flag. This alone is enough for me to not recommend this brand to anyone.

Verdict: Is Live Well CBD Any Good?

That was my Live Well CBD review. I think that they have a wide variety of products but they have no focal point. It's just too many things to choose from which gets confusing.

They don't have any lab reports which is a red flag for me. All CBD companies should clearly state this on their website.

That's why the only real company that I recommend to all my readers is CBDPure. They sell CBD oils, capsules, topicals, and even oils for pets. They have a ton of positive reviews and they have one of the best reputations in this industry.

They also have a lab-test for all of their products and they have a 90-day money-back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose.

Nabrissa Simpson

I'm the co-owner of CBDTornado. I live in Star, Idaho and CBD oil has got rid of my anxiety and muscle pains. I take 50mg a daily and haven't looked back since.

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