How To Avoid Fake CBD Oil

So you're interested in buying CBD oil, but you're not sure how to avoid those misleading labels.

We don't blame you. Many people have gone through the same thing before buying their first bottle of CBD oil. This is why we're going to share with you some crucial steps on how to avoid fake CBD oil brands.

Buying CBD oil is not the same as purchasing some random multivitamins; you're relying on a compound. If you didn't already know, CBD is an unregulated market, meaning companies get away with products containing little to no CBD at all.

You'll discover six ways that companies are doing this and how you can avoid getting scammed.

The reality is, a lot of CBD products on the market don't have any CBD in them.

Heck, you could even start your own CBD business right now selling fake CBD. The main reason why is because it's not FDA approved.

In other words, it's an unregulated market.

Companies can sell products disguised as CBD and contain useless ingredients. The whole point of buying a CBD product is to experience the benefits of the compound itself. Whether it's an oil, edible or vaping liquid, the compound itself is what the consumer is after.

Keep in mind that CBD is non-psychoactive, so if a person is using CBD for the first time, they won't know what to expect. The placebo effect is a real thing.

Some people say CBD doesn't work, or they don't notice any difference. But considering there are a lot of fake CBD products on the market, then it's no wonder.

Counterfeit CBD oil

counterfeit cbd oil

Buying fake CBD oils can affect your health and put you in legal trouble. You'll find out why in a second.

As more and more CBD products are being pushed in the market, the health risks are going up. With these products, not being FDA approved, they can contain harmful ingredients or chemicals.

Some products aren't even lab-tested, which is even scarier. This opens up doors for products containing things like heavy metals and other impurities, which increases health risks.

Cannabis has two primary compounds, THC and CBD. THC is psychoactive, and it's what gets you "high."

By law, CBD oils should have less than 0.3% THC in most countries. THC is legal in some states, but globally, THC often not legal. This means that a lot of fake CBD oils can contain more than 0.3%, which will make you fail a drug test.

If you're an athlete or have a new job that does drug testing, you may test positive for THC. That's why it's so important to pick the right CBD products.

Why fake CBD oils are everywhere

Can you guess what many companies are using in their products?

Synthetic Isolate Cannabinoid powder. What is that?

It's a useless powder that does nothing. Many brands are using this in all types of CBD products, including CBD oils. If you have bought cheap CBD oils from your local grocery store, then nine times out of ten, you have purchased fake CBD oil.

The truth is, good quality CBD oil is expensive, and it's not the most straightforward product to make.

So why are there so many fake CBD oils on the market?

1. It's a new industry

CBD is a new but popular market. There's a lot of hype around CBD, and many sellers are trying to find ways to capitalize on this.

Remember that not all CBD products are created equal. Some products are exceptional, but the majority of them are garbage. There are no restrictions or legislation when it comes to selling CBD, which makes it easy for companies to sell harmful products.

2. Not FDA approved

CBD is not FDA approved

The fact that CBD is non-FDA approved, this can be dangerous for consumers.

Many CBD products have been found to contain contaminants through lab testing. Lab reports have shown that some products can contain heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria, and other harmful impurities.

3. Lab-grown extracts

Manufacturers have founds ways to create CBD artificially without growing the hemp plant at all. This is done by replicating CBD isolate, which appears as a white powder.

CBD isolate is the cheapest to make, so by making it synthetically, it dramatically increases profit margins as there is no need for farming and extracting cannabinoids.

How to avoid fake CBD oil

So here is a full list of things that you need to check before buying CBD oil. If the product doesn't have these things, then more than likely, you're buying a fake product.

1. Check for lab-test results

Third party lab test example

3rd party lab test results are mandatory. This is the first thing you must check before you do anything. If the company you are buying CBD from doesn't have lab results, then there's a high possibility that it's a fake.

A lab result is significant because of its test for potency. This indicates the quality of their products. It also tests for contaminants and impurities so ensure whether or not the product is safe to consume.

If a lab report is not on the companies website, then at least contact them. You can ask them directly for lab results. Ideally, they should prioritize putting this vital bit of information on their website in the first place.

There is always a possibility that they are a new company in a physical location and just started their website. If they have no way for you to contact them, then 100% stay away.

2. Look at the price

Price is another indication of fake CBD oil. If the potency is high on the label, but it's cheap, then something doesn't smell right. Producing CBD is expensive and time-consuming.

Quality CBD oil should be a bit pricy but not too pricy.

The more potent the CBD product is, the more it should cost. If all their products have different potencies, but they are more or less the same price, then it's probably fake.

You can discover the value of different products by using the calculator below. It shows you how much it cost per mg of CBD.


3. Know the farmers

CBD Co2 extraction machine

If you're buying CBD oil online, it should clearly say how they produce their products and where. They should also state that it's free from chemicals or other harmful substances. This is how you know that there aren't any potential health risks.

Extraction methods are also important. You want to look at how they extract CBD. If they don't explain this, then it's most likely fake. You need to look for extraction methods such as CO2. This is the safest way of extracting cannabinoids from the cannabis plant.

The general rule of thumb is, if the website doesn't have any information about their farming methods, then it's probably fake.

4. Take a look at the label

A lot of companies will try to make the packaging look amazing or straight up lie about the potency of their products. Many lab-tested products don't match the claims on the labels.

Sometimes labels barely have any information at all. When looking at the label should mention things like:

  • Type of CBD oil (full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, CBD isolate)
  • The potency in mg or %
  • Lab tested
  • Organic or natural

5. Look at the ingredients

Make sure the ingredients have CBD oil and not hemp seed oil.

CBD oil is extracted from the entire hemp plant, such as the flower, stalk, and leaves. Hemp seed oil is extracted from only the seeds of the hemp plant.

Hemp seeds have little to no CBD in it at all. So that means you won't benefit from the compound.

Hemp seed oil can be used as a carrier oil to help with the absorption of CBD but that shouldn't be the main ingredient.

6. Beware of health claims

If a company is making wild claims, then most likely, the product is fake. It's also illegal to make these claims in the first place.

CBD oil is sold as a dietary supplement, and no claims can be made, such as curing cancer or treating diseases.

Although there are people who may have experienced this, companies cannot use this to encourage sales.

If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Anytime a company mentions wild claims, then it's a huge red flag.


These are the six things you need to know on how to avoid fake CBD oil:

  • Check for lab test results
  • Look at the price
  • See how the product was made
  • Take a look at the label
  • Look at the ingredients
  • Beware of health claims

If you check these six things before purchasing, you should be able to get your hands on some good quality CBD oil.

Where can you buy legit CBD?

We have covered the top brands in the CBD oil market to test for their potency claims versus the actual amount. You can check out a full list of all the best CBD oil products on the market.

If you need more information on how to use CBD oil for your needs, then download our free guide.

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