Full Guide: Understanding The Differences Between Hemp Oil Vs CBD Oil

hemp oil vs cbd oil similarities. find the comparison of oil vs cbd oil

Confused about the difference between hemp oil vs CBD oil?

I don't blame you. Both terms are used interchangeably which makes it hard to understand what the differences are. You'll see labels saying hemp-derived, hemp seed oil, or even hemp extract.

Why should you even worry about this in the first place? Well both of them have completely different effects.

I've created this in-depth guide to help you understand what they both do and how to avoid choosing the wrong one.

By the end of this post, you'll be able to pick a product will full confidence.

Hemp vs Marijuana

cannabis sativa seed oil is common

Let's first start with the cannabis plant itself and break down a few definitions.

  • Cannabis - This is the mother of all. It all starts with the cannabis plant. There are hundreds of different strains with different cannabinoid profiles and terpenes. These strains fall into 3 categories which are Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis. As there are so many variations, different names were created to describe cannabis which leads to confusion.
  • Hemp - This is a name to describe cannabis that is very high in CBD and very low in THC. The THC amount doesn't exceed 0.3% and comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant.
  • Marijuana - This is a name to describe cannabis that has THC above 0.3%. Most people are familiar with this name because it's sold in both medical and recreational dispensaries. Marijuana comes from Cannabis Sativa plants or Indica, or Ruderalis (also known as hybrid strains).
  • Industrial hemp - This is a term for when hemp is used to create commercial and industrial products. Products such as paper, biofuel, bioplastics, and many more. The signed 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp as long as it doesn't exceed 0.3% THC.

Lots of people are surprised to find out that hemp comes from cannabis. A common mistake is thinking that hemp is a different species. It's not. It's simply a description of cannabis, based on its cannabinoid content.

In terms of the law, marijuana is not legal on a federal level, whereas hemp is due to the signed Farm Bill. The Farm Bill permits the use of hemp plants to be used industrially which includes CBD products. CBD products must be third-party lab tested to prove the low THC content.

The effects of cannabinoids in cannabis

hemp oil vs cbd comparison

What the heck is a cannabinoid and why does it matter? Well for starters, THC and CBD are both cannabinoids. These are natural chemicals in the cannabis plant that have different effects on the body.

We have something called an Endocannabinoid System (ECS). So when we ingest cannabis it acts on the ECS which gives us different effects. There are hundreds of cannabinoids. But the main two that are the most abundant are THC and CBD which determine how you will feel.

Soon you will find out how hemp is extracted to create hemp oil or CBD oil.

Top Questions Asked About CBD Oil [2021]

Where Does Hemp Oil & CBD Oil Come From?

So far you've learned that hemp comes from cannabis and it has less than 0.3% THC. You also learned that hemp is legal federally. You can purchase both hemp oil or CBD oil anywhere without any legal troubles.

Where does hemp oil and CBD fall into place?

Both hemp oil and CBD oil are extracted from the hemp strain. This is why they are often described as the same thing. But you will discover what the differences are between them in a bit.

What Is Hemp oil/Hemp Seed Oil?

benefits of hemp oil and phytocannabinoid-rich oil on the endocannabinoid system

Hemp oil is also known as hemp seed oil. Why? Because hemp seed oil comes from the seeds of the hemp strain. This is created by cold-pressing the hemp seeds and filtration which results in clear green oil.  These contain little to no cannabinoids at all.

So why do people take hemp oil then? Well for a couple of reasons.

It's already in a lot of products such as health and fitness supplements and other health products. It carries nutritional value which includes healthy fats such as Omegas (including Gamma Linolenic Acid) 3, 6, vitamin E, and protein. Not everyone eats a lot of fish so it's easy to fall into an Omega 3 deficiency. Once people started using hemp oil they began feeling better mentally because they are replenishing their Omega 3 requirements and other essential fatty acids.

So a lot of people think that they are benefiting from CBD-rich oil when in fact they just have a deficiency.

Another reason is people confuse it with CBD-rich oil which is what this post is supposed to help you identify.

What Is CBD Oil?

cbd oil and hemp with olive oil carrier

As I mentioned earlier, Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid. This gets extracted from the hemp plant using a solvent or solventless extraction and then placed into a carrier oil such as MCT oil or olive oil. Instead of extracting just the seeds like in a hemp oil extraction, Cannabidiol is extracted from everything. The flowers, leaves, stems, and stalks.

CBD is found mostly in the trichomes of the hemp plant which is located in the flowers. The way it gets extracted affects the quality of CBD extracted and the carrier affects the absorption.  The best carrier is MCT oil because it provides better bioavailability of CBD.

When using CBD, it has anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and calming effects. You can read more here to find out the benefits of CBD.

How it works on the body

cbd oil vs hemp oil effects on the body

As I mentioned previously we have something called an ECS and cannabis contains cannabinoids. When we ingest cannabinoids it stimulates this network of receptors. If you take the right dosage it will help with a whole range of conditions.

The main effects of CBD are reduced pain, improved sleep, and reduced anxiety.

Animals have an ECS as well and they also benefit from it.

Types of CBD oil

benefits of cbd oil or hemp extract

There are different types of CBD extractions that all go through a different process and have slightly different effects.

  • Full-spectrum CBD Oil: Full-spectrum referred to as a whole plant extraction. It contains all the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes which gives you the entourage effect. It also has those additional fatty acids which offer even more health benefits of CBD oil.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD Oil: Broad-spectrum, also known as PCR is almost the same as full-spectrum. The only difference is that the broad-spectrum has the trace of THC completely removed. You still get all the benefits of the other cannabinoids but the trace of THC may be a problem for people with extreme sensitivities. It's also for people who are afraid of failing a drug test for marijuana.
  • CBD Isolate: An isolated extract of CBD goes through a purification process and gets isolated. It appears as crystals and has no color or taste. It doesn't have any of the other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. The best way to use this is to combine it with a full or broad-spectrum CBD oil to boost the CBD profile.
  • CBD-infused oil: This is referred to as a CBD oil product that has been infused with CBD isolate. The ingredients usually display this.

Hemp Oil Vs CBD oil: Similarities & Differences:

oil or hemp


Here's a summary of the similarities between CBD oil and hemp oil.

  • Both come from the hemp plant
  • They both appear as oils
  • They can both look like the same product
  • They don't have any intoxicating effect
  • Both can be ingested

When purchasing CBD oil and hemp oil they look really similar because they both:

  • Appear in bottles
  • Contain droppers and oil is taken sublingually
  • Have the concentration in mg on the label
  • Cannabis logo on the label

They look almost identical. The reason why is because they are both sold as supplements. The CBD industry isn't well regulated by the FDA. So that leaves doors open for companies to disguise hemp oil as CBD oil through labeling.


Here's a summary of the differences between hemp oil and CBD oil:

  • They're extracted from a different part of the plant
  • Hemp oil comes from industrial hemp only
  • Only CBD products have a certificate of analysis (COA) to prove the CBD content
  • CBD oil contains a trace of THC and hemp oil contains none
  • Hemp oil doesn't have the same effect on the body as CBD oil
  • CBD cannot be purchased on Amazon but hemp oil can
  • CBD oil is generally more expensive than hemp oil because of what is extracted from the hemp plant

Remember that the main purpose of CBD oil is to benefit from cannabinoids. The purpose of hemp oil/hemp seed oil is for nutrients from healthy fats.

It's really up to you to figure out what your goal is.

Stay far away from Amazon. CBD oil is not allowed to be sold on Amazon. As CBD oil derives from the entire hemp plant Amazon doesn't want to risk potentially illegal substances being shipped. In other words, they are super strict with their policies.

So don't bother looking and instead look online. You can look here to see the top 10 CBD oil products on the market or products for specific conditions.

How To Read Product Labels: Confirming CBD Oil

How can you avoid making the mistake of choosing hemp oil instead of a CBD product? Always look the label and get a certificate of analysis (COA) that matches the label.

Seed vs Extract

When it comes to the terms seed or extract, it should be clear what it is. The ingredients should say whether the hemp ingredient was derived from the seeds or the entire plant. If it has hemp seed oil in the ingredients that may be the carrier but shouldn't be the main ingredient.

Phrases used

The bottle should clearly say CBD oil on the front. If it only says hemp oil then that means it's hemp oil. Don't fall for the tricky labeling such as "hemp-derived". Sometimes it will say it contains CBD but the only way you will know is if they have a lab report which shows the CBD content data.


Along with that, it should say the concentration of CBD in mg for the whole bottle. On hemp oil products it will give the mg of hemp. It doesn't matter how concentrated the hemp seeds are, if you're looking to benefit from CBD, CBD concentration is all that matters.

Lab Test

lab results

If you're still unsure, just look at their COA. Hemp oil will not have this because there are little to no cannabinoids in their products. Hemp-derived products that contain CBD will show up on the report.

Type Of CBD

If it's a CBD oil product it should say what type of extract it is. Whether it's full-spectrum CBD oil, broad-spectrum CBD oil, or CBD isolate. This isn't always said on the label but the company should have it on their website. You would know by the COA anyway. The COA will show which cannabinoids are present.

Is Hemp Oil or CBD Oil Better For Anxiety

One of the biggest benefits of taking CBD oil is reduced anxiety. That's because when the ECS is stimulated it brings the body back to balance. It improves both the physical and psychological symptoms of anxiety. Studies have also found that it can help with things like social anxiety and other stress-related disorders such as PTSD.

However, as hemp oil contains little to no CBD you will not get the same benefits. Hemp oil may help a little because of the omega 3s but it's nothing compared to what CBD oil offers.

Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil For Dogs

Dogs have an ECS just like humans so the effects are pretty much the same. Dogs that have cancers experience a great deal of pain which CBD oil can help with. They also benefit from separation anxiety or calming down hyperactivity. A lot more pet owners are starting to use CBD oil to improve their well-being.

Hemp oil only provides nutritional value but CBD oil will actually create an effect on the body. This is why it's important to understand the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil.

Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil For Pain

Pain is another thing that CBD can help with. As you have cannabinoid receptors located all throughout your body, symptoms are alleviated due to the effects. Depending on your dosage requirements, it can help with mild to severe/chronic pain. The key to using CBD oil especially for pain is to find the right dosage.

Hemp oil cannot offer this benefit. It simply doesn't contain enough CBD to produce any painkilling effect.


I hope you've learned about the main difference between hemp oil and CBD oil. Both serve their purpose but the problem is that most people are using them for the wrong reasons. There are major differences but they both appear the same and have similar phrases which can get confusing.

So to summarise this whole post, buy CBD oil to benefit from the cannabinoid effects and buy hemp oil if you simply want to be healthier. The best option for overall well-being will be CBD oil because it has everything.


Does CBD oil get you high?

CBD oil doesn't get you high. THC is the only cannabinoid in cannabis that can get you high. The only way you could is if the product contained more THC than it's supposed to. This is why you should always get a product that comes with a COA. This will tell you how much THC the product contains. Just makes sure that whatever CBD oils you're looking at online are tested to avoid any side effects.

Is CBD made from marijuana or hemp?

CBD is a cannabinoid that can be found in both hemp or marijuana. The most common way to know if your CBD concentrate is below the THC limit is to buy it online. As CBD oil is sold as a supplement and not medication, you can buy it from anywhere.

Can you take hempseed oil and CBD oil together?

Yes. In fact, some CBD oil products use hemp oil as their carrier. Hemp oil and CBD oil can be used together in this way or used to dilute the potency even more.

Is hempseed oil better than CBD oil?

CBD oil is superior to hemp oil in every way. Hemp oil is a seed extraction only. However, in CBD oil you get a whole plant extraction which includes seeds. So that means you get the nutritional value from the seeds as well as all the health benefits from cannabinoids and terpenes.

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