Celtic Wind CBD Oil Review

Are you looking for an honest review of Celtic Wind CBD oil?

I've recently watched a documentary on the BBC and this product was mentioned. It's becoming popular in the UK and people are using them for various reasons.

The active ingredient CBD is what people are seeking when dealing with various issues.

However, I discovered some disturbing news that I thought I'd share with you today.

In this post, you're going to find out everything you need to know. And whether or not it's worth getting.

Types Of CBD: Full-spectrum

Ingredients: Doesn't say

Carrier Oil: Doesn't say

Extraction process: Doesn't say

CBD potency ranges: 300mg - 2000mg

Price ranges: £21.37 - £97.98

Cost Of CBD Per Mg: £0.047 - £0.07

Tested For Cannabinoid Content?: Yes

Tested For Contaminants?: Yes

Return Policy: 30 days


  • Lab-test are outdated
  • Doesn't show ingredients or carrier oil used
  • No extraction methods mentioned

Who is Celtic Wind?

Celtic Wind was founded by CEO Paul McCourt. He discovered the benefits of the hemp plant which started his company. He began growing it in Ireland for the first time since the mid-1700s. On their website, they sell a range of hemp products. These include food supplements, natural skincare, and pet care.

Celtic Wind CBD Oil Products

Celtic Wind has 3 CBD oils with different percentages. 3%, 5%, 10%. Each of them has different bottle sizes and potency ranges.

What I've noticed when looking at each of their oils is that there is a lack of information. It doesn't say what carrier oils were used or even the ingredients. All it has is two pictures which show the front of the bottle and not the back. I found that a bit strange but just thought I'd point that out.

The percentages reflect how concentrated the bottle is of CBD. Obviously the higher it is the more potent it is and the greater the effects. The one you pick will be dependent on what dosage you require.


3% cbd oil

The 3% bottle contains 300mg of CBD which comes in a 10ml bottle.


5% cbd oil

There are two bottles that each has 5% CBD. There's a 10ml bottle which has 500mg and a 30ml bottle with 1500mg.


10% cbd oil

There are also two bottles that have 10% CBD. A 10ml bottle containing 1000mg and a 20ml bottle containing 2000mg.

The Cost Of CBD Per MG

Understanding the cost of CBD per mg is important. It lets you know if you're overpaying or not.

Here is how we grade it:

  • Best value: £0.067 or less
  • Good deal: £0.068 to £0.11
  • Fair deal: £0.12 to £0.16
  • Pricey: more than £0.16

Here is the value of Celtic Wind CBD oils:

  • 3% (300mg,10ml): £0.07
  • 5% (500mg,10ml): £0.063
  • 5% (1500mg, 30ml): £0.047
  • 10% (1000mg, 10ml): £0.055
  • 10% (2000mg, 20ml): £0.047

As you can see above you're getting a pretty good deal.

What Customers Are Saying

Celtic Wind as a brand has a 4.6 rating on TrustPilot. They have lots of positive reviews and most people seem to be happy with their service.

trustpilot reviews

The negative reviews spoke mostly about the effects that it had. This was something that was common in all the negative reviews. They said that it had little to no effect at all.

trustpilot negative reviews

You'll begin to understand why in a second.

Lab-Results: Is Celtic Wind CBD Oil Legit?

Remember at the beginning of this post when I said I discovered some disturbing news?

Well, I was on YouTube looking for reviews from customers. And I came across this video by the BBC. Some people were mentioning this video on Reddit and also on TrustPilot's negative section.

I watched the video and came to find out that Celtic Wind was lab-tested by another professional company. They tested a bunch of products including theirs and found out that it had 0% CBD in it. Yes, 0%.

Here's the video I found. Go to 2:15 or watch the whole video if you want to get a better context.

So yeah, even though Celtic Wind has lab-test on their website they are outdated. According to a professional test, it just confirms that they were hiding this all along.

Verdict: Is Celtic Wind CBD Oil Any Good?

If I were you I would stay well away from them. They've been put on blast by the BBC for having 0% CBD in it. This is a clear example of a company that looks legit but selling products that will literally do nothing for you.

My guess is that this is hemp seed oil and not CBD oil. CBD oil is an extraction of the entire hemp plant. Whereas hemp seed oil is the extraction of only the seeds which has almost no CBD in it.

There are far better brands out there that have been tested to actually contain CBD.

The Best CBD Oil Right Now

CBDPure's CBD oils are the best on the market right now. There is still a brand yet to beat them. I recommend this to all my readers if you're looking for a legit company.

They have lab-test for all of their products including a batch number. They also have a 90-day moneyback guarantee with a ton of positive reviews on their site.

Nabrissa Simpson

I'm the co-owner of CBDTornado. I live in Star, Idaho and CBD oil has got rid of my anxiety and muscle pains. I take 50mg a daily and haven't looked back since.

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