Cannabigold Review

Are you looking for an honest Cannabigold review?

Chances are you've heard the amazing benefits of CBD and want to try it for yourself. Well, you're in luck because I'm a bit of a CBD nerd and cannabis fanatic.

When I had my first panic attack from smoking cannabis, I couldn't understand why it happened to me. In the UK you can only access high THC strains from your local drug dealer. The high THC is what caused my adverse reactions.

After doing tons of research I found out that taking CBD oil can give you the same effects of regular cannabis without the high. Plus its 100% legal. Since then I've been trying all kinds of CBD products to find the best of the best.

In this post, you're going to find out whether or not you should get Cannabigold or not.

Ingredients: Cold-pressed hemp seed oil, cannabidiol, terpenes (approx 0.7%)

Extraction process: Mentions that they use purification techniques

Available potencies: 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 1500mg

Prices: £19.99, £27.99, £54.99, £74.99

Cost per mg of CBD: £0.04 - £0.08

Carrier oil: Hemp seed oil

Flavors: Natural

Lab results are shown?: No


  • High potencies available
  • Contains beneficial terpenes
  • No THC which is good for those with extreme sensitivities
  • Easy to use
  • Last a long time


  • No Lab-test reports

Cannabigold has two main products. CBD oil and capsules.

They also have some other cosmetics such as cleansers and moisturizers that contain CBD. But these won't really do anything in terms of feeling the effects of CBD.

Cannabigold CBD oil

The CBD oil is designed a bit differently compared to your typical dropper. It's designed in a way where you can take accurate dosages via a pressure pump. There are also four different potencies which I'll touch on soon.

Each pressure delivers a certain dosage which makes it very easy to use.

Cannabigold capsules

The capsules are the same as any other regular capsules but they are tasteless. They come in a pack of 30 or 60 capsules at 10mg each capsule.

This is a more discreet way to get your daily CBD needs.

Difference between products

CBD oil


  • Effects occur a lot quicker
  • Come in much higher dosages
  • Higher bioavailability of CBD
  • You can see how much CBD oil there is due to clear glass
  • Good packaging - uses glass polymer for stability and durability


  • Cannabigold comes in clear glass which makes it vulnerable to light
  • Not that discreet
  • Might not taste good to you

CBD capsules


  • Convenient & discreet
  • No taste


  • Takes a long time to feel the effects

The difference between CBD oil and capsules lies in the effects you will feel and how long it takes. Also, the bioavailability of CBD between the two is completely different.

When you take CBD oil, you put the drops under your tongue, hold it for 30-60 seconds and then swallow. This allows the cannabinoids to be absorbed in your mouth before swallowing it.

CBD capsules, however, are swallowed down with a drink. The effects begin after it passes through your digestive system.

The bioavailability in CBD oil is much greater. Because when the cannabinoids are absorbed in your mouth, it hits your bloodstream a lot quicker. Whereas capsules take much longer because of how long it takes to hit your bloodstream.

What type of CBD oil is Cannabigold?

If you didn't already know, there are three types of CBD oil. There's full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate.

These names describe how the cannabis plant was extracted to make the final solution.

Full-spectrum describes a whole plant extraction that contains all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other plant chemicals. Broad-spectrum is the same except THC gets removed completely whereas full-spectrum contains less than 0.2% THC. CBD isolate it's pure CBD without any of the other cannabinoids and terpenes.

Cannabigold uses broad-spectrum. If you look on their website they clearly mention that there is no THC in their products. However, if contains terpenes.

You're probably wondering, what are the effects when THC is removed? Well, full-spectrum creates what is called an entourage effect. As broad-spectrum is missing THC, you are missing out on the full potential of the plant.

The only reason why people get broad-spectrum is because of extreme sensitivities to THC but this is quite rare.

Extraction methods

There are different ways to extract the cannabis plant. Each has its pros and cons. The main two types of extraction is solvent and solventless.

The best is solventless. Solventless extractions are cleaner and better for your health.

Cannabigold uses supercritical Co2 extraction which is a solventless method.

How it’s used and suggested servings

The recommendations for CBD oil is one pump twice a day. The amount of CBD each pump will depend on the bottle you get. If you followed there recommended serving size of two total pumps a day, the bottle would last you 1.5 months.

Here is a list of how many mg of CBD there is per pump:

  • 250mg bottle: 2.5mg per drop
  • 500mg bottle: 5mg per drop
  • 1000mg bottle: 7.5mg per drop
  • 1500mg bottle: 10mg per drop

As I mentioned earlier the capsules are 10mg each. Depending on your required dosage for the day, the capsules can last you anywhere from 1-2 months.

Cannbigold Lab Test

This is the most important part of this post. Lab testing involves testing products for potency and whether it's safe to take or not. If the company claims that their product has x amount of CBD in it then the lab report should reflect that.

CBD is not a well-regulated industry. So this means everyone and their mother could sell CBD oil just to make a profit without any consideration for the consumer. They can get away with selling products that have little to no CBD or it could contain heavy metals and other impurities.

Any good company will clearly put up lab reports on its website to share full transparency with its customers.

Cannabigold has failed to do so. They may change this in the future but I cannot see it anywhere on their site.

Value of Cannabigold

The value of CBD is determined by how much it cost per mg. This is important to understand because this is how most companies can take advantage of you. You should never look at how fancy a product looks.

Always know these two things when thinking about buying. Look at how much it cost per mg and make sure the products are lab-tested and shown on their site.

To hone in on this point again - the lower the cost per mg of CBD, the more valuable it is. We grade the value like this:

  • Best value:  £0.06 or less
  • Good deal: £0.07 – £0.11
  • Fair deal: £0.12 – £0.16
  • Expensive: £0.16+

We don't apply this grading to capsules and most other CBD products. Because they are less bioavailable. CBD vape liquids and CBD oils are the most bioavailable types of CBD that are worth checking to get the best value.

Here is the cost per mg for each of Cannabigold's CBD oils.

  • 250mg: £0.08
  • 500mg: £0.05
  • 1000mg: £0.05
  • 1500mg: £0.04

How Does Cannabigold's Products Taste?

Cannabidiol has a natural taste. The carrier oil is hemp seed oil and there are no additional flavorings. It does have that slight cannabis which is slightly bitter but there isn't any after taste that lingers around.

What Are People Saying?

I've looked everywhere online to see what other customers are saying. On Trustpilot, there are only two reviews and the star rating is 3.8 stars. Here's what they said.

cannabigold reviews on trustpilot

There isn't any feedback on the effects specifically. Cannabigold doesn't have any reviews on their site either. So it's really hard to tell whether or not people are finding success with this. I've seen other websites claim that they've used it but then again it's their word. They could be getting paid to review it so it's not really a reliable source.

Verdict: Is Cannibigold any good?

Cannabigold seems like a good company. They have a really professional looking website and their product looks really high end.

The only problem is that all that doesn't matter. What matters is the CBD content itself. They don't feature any lab reports on their website. This is the only way to verify potency and safety.

I'm really let down by this. Once they have it featured on their site I can update this review. However, for now, I can't recommend this product.

What products should you get instead?

I recommend CBDPure to all my readers. They are the best in this industry. All their products are lab-tested, including the ones you buy. If you're looking for the best CBD products on the market then you should definitely check them out. They sell CBD oils, topicals, capsules, and even pet oils. Best of all they have a 90-day money-back guarantee so you have nothing to lose and all to gain.

Nabrissa Simpson

I'm the co-owner of CBDTornado. I live in Star, Idaho and CBD oil has got rid of my anxiety and muscle pains. I take 50mg a daily and haven't looked back since.

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