Can CBD Oil Help IBS?

According to the American College of Gastroenterology, 10-15% of Americans suffer from IBS. Only 5-7% have been diagnosed with this disease.

CBD oil has been a trending topic over the years. People have reported using this cannabinoid to treat things like pain, anxiety, sleep issues, and more. The question of today is, can CBD oil help IBS?

Today I'm going to share with you four ways on how CBD oil can treat IBS.

Irritable bowel syndrome is a gastrointestinal disorder affecting, in particular, the big and small intestine. Signs and symptoms regularly encompass irregular bowel movements, recurrent stomach pain, bloating, cramps, diarrhea, and constipation.

Current treatments for IBS

There is not any remedy for IBS, and as such medical doctors will often propose patients to check their food plan and make changes that can ease the symptoms of IBS.

IBS is multifaceted, with each person experiencing some or all the symptoms over their lifetime. Still, it is usually accepted that certain adjustments need to have a subtle impact.

Changing diet

As IBS is a digestive device issue, often, symptoms will arise following a meal. Small changes to the eating regimen can result in massive changes to the frequency of IBS symptoms. You can utilize the following tips:

Include these in your diet:

  • All fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • More gluten-free foods

Avoid these types of foods:

  • Drinks that contain alcohol or caffeine
  • Any foods that irritate your stomach
  • Fried foods or high fat
  • All dairy

Taking probiotics

The digestive machine is complete of beneficial microorganisms that aid a healthy gut. When the stomach is out of sync, antibiotics are used, which kill the good bacteria. Probiotics can refill the 'true microorganism' that was lost.

Probiotics are active yeast or yeast determined in meals that inhibit the growth of the harmful bacteria. Probiotics help:

  • Fight inflammation
  • Reduce gas build-up
  • Improve the immune system

All these things assist with the symptoms of IBS.

What is CBD oil?

So what is CBD? CBD is one of the most abundant cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. It has been linked with a plethora of medicinal benefits. CBD is also non-intoxicating, which means it does no longer have the 'high' effects usually related to marijuana.

CBD oil & IBS studies

In a 2015 study was conducted where researchers interviewed 117 parents of children with epilepsy. They only asked parents whose child used CBD to reduce the seizures. They discovered that 30% saw an increase in appetite as a result of the usage of CBD.

Can CBD oil help IBS?

1. Reduces intestinal inflammation

reduces intestinal inflammation

Inflammation happens as a result of our bodies releasing white blood cells to fight foreign bodies. Inflammation also occurs when our diet is poor. So if you're eating a lot of processed foods or eating unhealthy in general, your body is going through a lot of stress.

When you consume CBD oil, it activates our CB2 receptors, which is part of the endocannabinoid system that our bodies have. When the CB2 receptors are activated in the digestive system, this results in improved immune response and less inflammation.

2. Reduces stress and anxiety

One of the symptoms of IBS is stress or anxiety. Being stressed can interfere with our emotions, causing us to make irrational decisions. Joe Rogan is a massive advocate for cannabis. He says that CBD oil has been the best thing he's ever tried for anxiety. He also uses it for pain and chronic inflammation from MMA training.

3. Regulates pain

pain relief and reducing inflammation

Someone with IBS can suffer from sudden severe pain in their stomach. Inflammation is what causes pain in the abdomen. CBD oil activates CB2 receptors in the gut, which reduces pain. Not only just the bowel but general inflammation in the body. The most effective CBD oil for treating pain for IBS will be a full-spectrum CBD oil.

4. Improves appetite

increases hunger

People who suffer from IBS can end up losing weight due to nausea symptoms. They may cut down their food intake, which results in fewer calories and weight loss. This can lead to further health problems as a result of undereating.


So can CBD oil help IBS? The short answer is: yes, it can. CBD oil cannot get rid of IBS, but it can help treat symptoms associated with IBS. It can ease symptoms can help with things such as:

  • Intestinal inflammation
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Regulating pain
  • Improving appetite

The best way to take CBD oil for IBS

CBD oil is taken under the tongue. All you do is:

  1. Draw the CBD oil out of the bottle with the dropper
  2. Drop it under your tongue
  3. Hold it for 30-60 seconds before swallowing

You want to get a CBD oil that is full-spectrum so that you benefit from all cannabinoids. The best CBD oil on the market that has lab-tested results for quality is NuLeaf Naturals.

For the best results, you want to take it before and after every big meal.

Nabrissa Simpson

I'm the co-owner of CBDTornado. I live in Star, Idaho and CBD oil has got rid of my anxiety and muscle pains. I take 50mg a daily and haven't looked back since.

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