Can CBD Oil Go Bad?

Can CBD oil go bad?

When does CBD oil expire?

These are two common questions people have about CBD oil.

Well, there's good news and bad news.

I'll start off with the bad news. The bad news is that it will only last up to six months once you've opened it. Once it expires, it will lose its potency, and the smell and taste will be awful.

The good news is that you can avoid this by using some strategies that we'll share with you today. You can find out exactly how to extend the shelf life of your product.

You'll also be able to identify when your CBD oil goes off so you can avoid potentially getting sick.

can cbd oil expire explained

Like most supplements, CBD oil has a shelf life which refers to how long a product will last for.

How long does CBD last for?

There isn't a clear answer because every CBD oil is different. However, the average CBD product, including CBD oil, lasts for about one to two years before it expires.

When it expires, the compound CBD itself breaks down and becomes less effective over time because it loses potency.

Most people use their CBD products before it expires, even when used infrequently. A typical CBD oil bottle is only 30ml, which is around 100 drops in total. So if you don't use it that often, the bottle will still be finished before CBD breaks down.

Signs of rancid CBD oil

CBD oil is similar to food. It will expire if you don't preserve it well. As CBD oil is something you consume, it will have similar signs to food when it's gone off. Your senses are what determines whether or not it's safe to consume.

Some people will extend their shelf life by keeping it preserved for a long time. But are still wondering when it truly expires, even after expiration date.

Here are some signs that your CBD oil has completely expired.

1. Taste

cbd oil taste bad when expired

What happens when the milk expires? Taste pretty bad, right?

The same thing applies to CBD oil. CBD oil generally has a bitter and plant taste to it, but when it expires, it has a rancid oil taste. It won't be pleasant at all.

Taste is a tell-tale sign of any expired food is taste because once it becomes spoiled, your senses tell you that this isn't the best thing to consume.

2. Smell

cbd oil smells bad when off

The smell is another sense that gives you warning signs of spoiled food.

CBD oil will smell awful once it's expired. Once CBD has broken down, mold and bacteria will start to develop, which will overpower the original smell.

If you're unsure whether or not your CBD oil is safe to consume, just give it a quick smell, and that should tell you everything you need to know.

3. Texture and color

cbd oil goes cloudy

Another sign that CBD oil goes rancid, is by how it looks.

Sight is another sense that is used to tell if food is safe to eat. Foods that expire usually have visible mold growing or change inconsistency.

It can be hard to tell if CBD oil is terrible if you're only looking at the bottle itself. The bottle is usually dark to prevent sunlight exposure. So the oil won't be visible unless you draw it out with the dropper, which is generally clear.

You can use the dropper to pull some of the oil out and look at it for signs of expiration. CBD oil that goes rancid will have a cloudy or foggy look to it. If it looks different compared to when you first got it, then it has completely expired.

Things that determine the expiration date

The three factors that determine the expiration date of CBD oil are:

  • Extraction method
  • Additional ingredients used
  • The length of time since the extraction

Extraction method

The extraction method refers to the tools used to extract the chemicals from the hemp plant. These chemicals consist of cannabinoids such as CBD and a trace of THC, along with terpenes and more.

The extraction method plays a role in how long CBD oil lasts because it determines how stable the compounds are once extracted.

Remember that the reason why CBD oil expires is because of the breakdown of CBD. A lower quality extraction will result in a shorter shelf life because the cannabinoids will be more unstable over a period of time.

Solvent extraction

Solvent extraction involves using solvents such as butane to separate the compounds from the hemp plant. This is a less popular method but still used.

The reason why we don't recommend you to choose a CBD oil product that uses this method is, there may still be traces of solvents after extraction. Not only does that affect your health, but it has a shorter shelf life.

Co2 extraction

This method consists of closed, pressurized chambers that have the hemp plant in one chamber and co2 in the other. The co2 is pushed into the chamber containing the plant, which then separates the compounds from the plant material.

This is the best extraction method for maintaining the integrity of compounds. If you pick CBD oil products that use this extraction method, chances are it will have a longer shelf life.

Time since extraction

The length of time since the compound was extracted plays a role in the expiration date. If it's been sitting on the shelf for six months or more before you purchased it, then it will expire sooner.

If you're not sure about how long it's been since extraction, you can always contact the company you want to buy it from.

Other ingredients used

The expiration of a CBD oil product is based on the ingredient with the shortest shelf life. That's why it's better to choose more organic CBD oils because they use the fewest ingredients.

However, some companies add flavorings or additives, which may expire well before the compound begins to break down. So if the product contains an ingredient that expires within a year, then the product will also expire within a year.

How to make CBD oil last

Oils are known for being prone to degradation and rancidity. This happens because they are sensitive to changes such as temperature, light, and air. CBD oils are not much different from food-grade oils. They should both be stored in a dark, cool place without any air exposure.

The most optimal place to keep your CBD oil would be to put it into a vacuum seal and then inside your fridge. This will keep it dark, cold, and non-exposed to air.

You don't have to keep it refrigerated, but it's the most ideal and practical.

1. Store in a cool place

storing cbd in cool place

CBD oil doesn't like heat. Storing it in a cold place will keep it fresher for longer. That's why a fridge is the easiest way to do this. You can even put it in a cooler if you intend to travel. As long as it's kept cold, it will prevent it from degrading.

If you cannot put it in your fridge for any reason, you can also store it in the basement.

2. Keep away from sunlight

Keeping CBD oil away from sunlight is important

If you place your CBD oil bottle next to your window, sunlight exposure can ruin your product. Although it does come in a dark bottle, heat from the sun can also destroy the cannabinoids in the oil. The best thing to do is store it in a place where it's dark such as a cupboard, fridge, or drawer.

3. Vacuum Seal

vaccum cbd oil to prevent air exposure

CBD oil already comes in an air-tight bottle to prevent exposure. However, you can take it one step further by placing it inside a vacuum seal.

This isn't necessary, but if you want to maximize your product shelf life, then this would be a good idea. Doing this will also retain its flavor and potency for longer.

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