Best CBD Oil For Menopause

rating the best cbd oil for menopause in 2020
Written by Melanie Jackson
Updated On July 30, 2021

Menopause can be a challenging time in a woman's life, as it often brings unwanted changes in mood, weight, mensuration and sleep. For women seeking natural symptom relief, CBD oil can be a life-changing option without harmful side effects.

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Top Rated CBD Oils For Menopause

#1st Ratedcbdpure oil

1. CBDPure

  •  Label potency: 1000mg
  • Cost per mg: $0.08
  • Profile: Full spectrum
  • Contains THC?: Yes

#2nd Ratedcbdistillery full-spectrum

2. CBDistillery

  • Label potency: 2500mg
  • Cost per mg: $0.04
  • Profile: Full-spectrum
  • Contains THC?: Yes

#3rd Ratedlazarus-naturals

3. Lazarus Naturals

  • Label potency: 3000mg
  • Cost per mg: $0.04
  • Profile: Full-spectrum
  • Contains THC?: Yes

#4th Rated

4. Nuleaf Naturals

  • Label potency: 240mg (ranges up to 4850mg per bottle!)
  • Cost per mg: $0.15
  • Profile: Full-spectrum
  • Contains THC?: Yes

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a natural product derived from cannabis plants, which include hemp and marijuana. It contains a powerful compound, or "cannabinoid," called CBD - which is known for providing relief from common conditions such as sleep challenges, chronic pain and anxiety or stress issues. CBD oil contains an abundance of this cannabinoid, and it is obtained by careful extraction from the cannabis plants. Most CBD oil products on the market today are derived from Industrial Hemp, and they are federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. CBD oil products often contain a carrier oil, such as coconut or MCT oil, to help with consistency, as well as a flavoring agent.

Though CBD is derived from cannabis plants, it does not cause a feeling of intoxication or a high sensation like its cannabinoid cousin, THC. It can develop a feeling of relaxation and calmness, but there are no mind-altering effects. Legal CBD oil products on the marketplace can only contain up to 0.3 percent THC, which is not enough to feel its effects. Many people seek CBD to help relieve their ailments and/or serve as a daily supplement.

Does CBD Oil Help Balance Hormones?

Because of how CBD oil naturally affects the body's internal systems, many users report the product having a positive impact on issues relating to the endocrine system. The endocrine system is largely responsible for hormone management, which is a particularly important role during menopause. CBD oil may help regulate this system and restore harmony and balance to hormones, especially during this sensitive time in a woman's life. By positively impacting the body's hormones, CBD has a vast reach for improving many areas of health and reliving a multitude of symptoms.

How Can CBD Oil Help Menopause Symptoms?

Simply stated, CBD oil works by supporting your body's Endocannabinoid System, which is plays a critical role in regulating sleep, mood, stress, inflammatory response and other important functions. Because it can have a remarkable effect on a body's natural rhythm, CBD oil can provide tremendous relief from menopause symptoms, including:

1. Sleep Changes

One of the most commonly reported symptoms of menopause is disruption in sleep. CBD oil can help promote a healthy night's rest by relaxing the mind and regulating your body's natural sleep cycle, without the "groggy" feeling often left behind by sleep medications.

2. Mood Swings

CBD oil calms the mind and gently supports a more even and balanced mood. Upon taking CBD oil, you may feel a nearly instant sense of relaxation which can help wash away feelings of anger, sadness or rage.

3. Menstrual Pain

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties which can soothe menstrual cramping and abdominal aches. CBD oil's effect on the body's inflammatory response system can support a variety of women's health issues, such as increased menstrual pain, painful sex and muscle aches associated with mensuration.

4. Increases in Stress or Anxiety

Perhaps the best-known effect of CBD oil is its ability to naturally reduce stress and anxiety. CBD oil is fast-acting and can leave a calming effect that lasts for hours, resulting in a less anxious mind and the volume turned down on stressful thinking.

5. Joint Pain

Your body's Endocannabinoid system signals the body's inflammatory response and pain sensation, and by reducing these triggers, CBD oil can temporarily relieve the chronic joint pain commonly associated with menopause.

6. Weight Gain or Loss

Many CBD oil users report this product being helpful as an aid to weight loss, because it can help promote a healthy metabolism and curb hunger. Weight loss may also be an effect of taking CBD oil for those who eat when they are stressed or anxious.

CBD oil requirements

When shopping for CBD oil for menopause, it's important to look for a product that fits the following requirements:

  • Third-party lab test results readily available and accessible
  • Potency of the CBD oil product clearly stated, whether measuring milligrams per drop, milliliter or bottle
  • Trusted brand with a good reputation in the online CBD community
  • High-quality ingredients with no harmful additives of chemicals
  • CBD oil, CBD or hemp extract listed as an ingredient in the product formula

1. CBDPure CBD Oil

cbdpure oil

Who it's for: Everyday CBD oil users who are seeking a reliable, trusted brand

CBDPure is the most trusted brand period. They have lab-test to back up all of their oils via a batch number. You'll know exactly how much CBD there is, including the one you buy. They also have a 90-day money-back guarantee and a ton of positive customer reviews.

2. CBDistillery 2500mg Full Spectrum Tincture

cbdistillery full-spectrum

Who it's for: High potency CBD fans who prefer extra strength

CBDistillery is known for its diverse product line of CBD products, including high potency CBD tinctures. Their 2500mg Full Spectrum Tincture is a clean, high-quality formula product with 83mg of CBD per 1ml of oil. These high potency drops can provide powerful menopause symptom relief and still last a while for the everyday user.

3. Lazarus Naturals High Potency Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture


Who it's for: The long-term CBD user

Lazarus Naturals is another trusted brand in CBD, with full spectrum hemp extract that is vegan, non-GMO and made in America. This brand's High Potency Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture is available in three milligram potencies - 750, 3000 and 6000mg per bottle. The 6000mg product is one of the highest potency options on the market, and can be highly beneficial for the intense symptoms during the height of menopause. You can then gradually decrease your daily dose throughout the duration of menopause and after it is over for ongoing wellness.

4. NuLeaf Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Who it's for: Beginners who are new to using CBD oil for menopause

If you're new to the world of CBD oil and want to start with a lower potency option, NuLeaf Naturals 725mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil is a great place to start. One drop of this CBD oil contains a low dose of 2.4mg, which allows you to experiment with how CBD affects you and what dose suits your individual menopause needs. NuLeaf Natural guarantees a clean product, free of pesticides, harmful toxins, preservatives and additives.

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