Best CBD Oil For Seizures

rating the best cbd oil for seizures in 2020

Are you looking for the best CBD oil to treat seizure disorders or Epilepsy?

In this post you'll discover which CBD oil products are best for treating these conditions.

Does CBD oil work for seizures?

Originally, research was conducted on animals to prove that CBD can ease symptoms of epilepsy. However, more recent studies conducted have proven that CBD oil reduced epileptic fits.

CBD has anticonvulsant properties. Therefore, the endocannabinoid found in CBD may lessen the likelihood of seizures. This is because new cannabinoids are being introduced to your system. Essentially improving the production of existing endocannabinoids.

Top 4 CBD oil for seizures & Epilepsy

Charlotte's web: Best overall for treating seizures


If you are looking for a CBD oil to treat seizure disorders,  you will likely see a referral to Charlotte's Web CBD Oil. More importantly, their oils are some of the highest quality in the industry. The oils contain relaxation properties, packed with naturally occurring, flavonoids, terpenes and phytocannabinoids. They offer two flavours for their oil, a rich, earthy, natural flavour or Mint Chocolate. Their hemp is grown in US family farms and sourced responsibly.

Charlotte's Web oils may be beneficial as it works well as a neuroprotectant. Which can be helpful for people who suffer from seizures. 

Joy Organics: Best THC-free

joy organics cbd oil

Another premium brand. Joy Organics broad-spectrum CBD Oil tinctures come in four flavours: unflavored, lemon, orange, and mint. All their CBD products are THC-free which makes them even more popular. Taking Joy Organics CBD may help you to stay calm, which in turn, may reduce seizures. As well as being known for its high-quality products. The company has great customer service, with some impressive reviews to back them up. They also have a money-back guarantee option and offer free shipping, which is always a bonus. 

Nuleaf Naturals: Best organic

nuleaf naturals

This highly recommended CBD is 100% local and organic. Their full-spectrum CBD potency is strong, but that's what makes it stand out. With over 16,000 reviews that are almost all five-stars for their CBD Oil tinctures, it is hard to overlook this brand. Free from any GMOs, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers. Nuleaf Naturals CBD is highly recommended for those with more severe ailments, (seizures). 

NuLeaf has kept it a 100% organic. So, if you are looking for flavours, you won't find it with this brand. But you will most definitely be getting some top-notch CBD oil. 

Medterra: Quality products in general


Medterra offers a wide range of CBD products. From tinctures to gummies, to capsules, and even creams. The company was established as a result of the hemp pilot program in Kentucky. The entire process of their CBD creation is carefully monitored. As for their tinctures, it is pure CBD and THC-free. Available in concentrates of 500mg, 1000mg and 3000mg. While no flavours are available, you can download a PDF from their website. The PDFs include third-party testing lab results and analysis. This means that you know exactly what is in their products.

How to use CBD oil for seizures

To date, the only treatment approved for epilepsy is a medication called Epidiolex. Epidiolex is an oral solution that contains 99% CBD. 

Although there are a number of ways CBD can be taken. For people who suffer from seizure-related conditions, oral forms usually work best.

For example, with tinctures, you can place a couple of drops under your tongue. This allows the CBD to enter your bloodstream at a much quicker rate. With tinctures, it gives you the flexibility to play around with dosage to see what works best for you. 

If you do not like the idea of tinctures, then you can take CBD in the form of capsules. However, before you experience any of the benefits, it will have to pass through your digestive system first. Capsules come in a fixed dosage. So, if you don't want the hassle of playing around with dosage, then capsules are a good choice for you.

Vaping is also a very popular choice because it allows the oil to enter your bloodstream at the quickest rate. Having said that, there may be some risks that come with vaping. If you do decide to vape, ensure you do so with the utmost caution. 

Dosage recommendations

Before taking CBD or giving it to your child, it is best to consult with your medical professional first.

When it comes to CBD there is no one set dosage that works for everyone. People tolerate CBD in different strengths and dosages. For many, they go through a trial and error period to see what works best for them. 

With that being said, using the dosing guidelines on your CBD products is a good starting point. 

Dosages for children

Most research has suggested starting with 0.5mg. Split into three dosages is the best option for children. This can be increased by 0.5mg a week to achieve maximum benefits. Be patient and taper up slowly. By giving your child small amounts, you have control of achieving the optimum dose. 

Dosages for adults

Some adults are able to tolerate a high dosage straight away. One way to work out how much CBD oil you should take is by calculating MGs against your body weight. For example, the recommendation is 1-5mg for every 10 pounds of body weight. This gives you a guideline of how much you can begin with. Alternatively, you can start with a dosage of 25-60mgs and increase it incrementally

Although side effects of CBD are very limited. Sometimes a high dose may cause some effects. However, once you lower the dose again, you should not experience any side effects.

Will you build a tolerance to CBD oil?

Some people who suffer from epilepsy sometimes form what is called treatment-resistant therapy.  Meaning that when treatments are switched, they experience a period where treatments works, then stops.  

A study conducted on 100 patients who suffer from epilepsy revealed that around a 1/3 of patients did develop resistance to taking CBD oil. The study also showed that when patients got to approximately the seven-month mark, a higher dosage was needed to feel the effects of CBD oil. The other 2/3 of patients did not experience any treatment resistance. 

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