Aurora CBD Drops Review

Are you looking for an Aurora CBD drops review?

Aurora is a popular cannabis brand in Canada. The CBD market is booming in the cannabis industry and Aurora has caught on. They used to only have oils high in THC but now they have oil with mostly CBD.

Currently, there isn't much information on the internet other than this video.

So I've searched everywhere to give you the best information possible.

In this post, you're going to find out what people are saying about this brand and if it's worth getting or not.

Extraction process: Co2 extraction

Potency: 1mg THC, 24mg CBD (720mg total)

Cost per mg of CBD: $0.13

Carrier oil: MCT oil

Flavors: Natural

Lab results are shown?: No


  • Uses Co2 extraction
  • Contains all cannabinoids and terpenes
  • The cost per mg of CBD is a good deal
  • Lots of positive reviews


  • Can make some people anxious or paranoid
  • No markings on the dropper to dose accurately
  • Uses a cheap carrier oil
  • Aurora doesn't have their own website
  • Goes out of stock quickly

The first thing I noticed is that Aurora is a brand and not a company. They don't have an official website where you can purchase their products from. So a lot of their products will be sold by third-party sellers in stores or online.

I think they mostly sell in stores because I cannot even find any retailer online that sells their oils. From what I've seen from Aurora, they have cannabis oils and CBD oils. I'll explain the differences between the two.

Cannabis Oil vs CBD Oil

There's a lot of confusion between cannabis and hemp.

Hemp is a strain of cannabis. Marijuana is also another strain of cannabis. The differences between the two lie in the cannabinoid content of THC and CBD.

If a cannabis strain has anything above 0.3% THC then it's called marijuana. When a marijuana strain gets extracted into an oil, it's known as cannabis oil.

If a cannabis strain has anything below 0.3% THC then it's called Hemp. When a hemp strain gets extracted into an oil, it's known as CBD oil.

I hope that makes sense. The reason I explained what the differences are is because many people confuse the two and don't understand how it will affect them.

One last thing I want to highlight is that cannabis oils usually require a medical card when buying it from a dispensary. However, CBD oil is legal everywhere, included overseas and it can be bought online or in stores without a medical card.


There is a big difference between CBD and THC. THC alone gets users high whereas CBD alone does not.

When you combine the two, it's all about how much of each there's present that determines its effects. This is known as the cannabinoid ratio. If one cannabinoid is more dominant than the other than you'll get the effects mostly from that.

For example, if you had a 5:1 ratio of CBD to THC vs 1:1 ratio, you will feel the psychoactive effects more from the 1:1 ratio.

The main purpose of CBD oils or drops is to get the effects of CBD mostly. People prefer this because they can enjoy cannabis without the high.

Aurora CBD Drops Review

Aurora CBD drops is extracted from a high CBD strain called Cannatonic.

They use the Co2 extraction method to extract the cannabinoids and they use MCT oil as a carrier oil. MCT oil is a cheap ingredient that I encourage my readers to avoid. The reason being it people often report having stomach aches when this is present.

The final solution comes in a 30ml bottle that delivers 24mg of CBD per ml which totals at 720mg of total CBD.

According to a cannabis review website called WikiLeaf, it's a hybrid strain with very high CBD and very low THC levels. This makes it perfect for those who want to experience the effects of higher CBD cannabis.

cannatonic strain


Aurora CBD drops has 1mg of THC per ml and 24mg of CBD per ml. This ratio makes the effects of THC very low. So even if you took higher dosages you shouldn't feel much mental stimulation. However, people who have extreme sensitivities will get anxiety and paranoia.


Aside from cannabinoids, terpenes also determine the experience you'll feel. Here are the effects of some of the most abundant terpenes found in cannabis:

terpenes in cannabis explained

Aurora CBD drops is derived from the Cannatonic strain. According to Leafly, these strains' main terpenes are Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Limonene. You can look at the pic above to get an idea of the effects you'll feel.

auroro cbd drops terpenes

The Effects

The effects of the Cannatonic strain are:

  • alleviating pain and inflammation
  • reducing muscle spasms
  • reducing anxiety
  • reducing insomnia and sleep problems

I've looked at a ton of reviews on Aurora CBD drops on other sites and most people have pointed out that it's helped them a lot. They include most of the things that I've said previously.


As Aurora doesn't have their own website you would be buying their products from a third party seller.

The CBD industry isn't regulated by the FDA so many companies get away with selling products that have little to no CBD. On top of that, they can contain harmful contaminants and impurities.

Lab-tested CBD products are the only way to verify safety and potency to consumers. Without this, you have no idea what you're getting.

Verdict: Is Aurora CBD Drops Any Good?

Aurora CBD Drops seems to have lots of positive reviews. The only problem is that Aurora is a brand and not a company. You can't really find much information about them in general which is a red flag for me.

Also, this product is rarely in stock. You really have to go out of your way to find them in stores which can be annoying for those who want to get their hands on it.

What You Can Get Instead

A company that I recommend to my readers is CannaLeafz. Their products are lab-tested and contains less than 0.03% THC. You get all the benefits of cannabis without any psychoactive effect at all which makes it perfect for everyone.

Nabrissa Simpson

I'm the co-owner of CBDTornado. I live in Star, Idaho and CBD oil has got rid of my anxiety and muscle pains. I take 50mg a daily and haven't looked back since.

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