11 Professional Athletes Who Use CBD Oil

In this article, you will discover 12 professional athletes who use CBD oil. It's well known that athletes use over the counter painkillers such as Ibuprofen to manage chronic pain and inflammation.

CBD oil is a natural alternative that can be taken in high dosages with little to no side effects. You can read more about the benefits of CBD for athletes here.

Athletes continuously push themselves to the limit every day to compete in their sport. They will utilize every edge that they can get over their competitors to win. As a result of continually beating their bodies up, they use a lot of painkillers and other medications over a long time.

This leads to unnecessary health problems. The most common is stomach issues and internal bleeding. CBD oil is seen as a natural alternative help:

  • Chronic pains
  • Relieve inflammation
  • Reduce performance anxiety

Is CBD legal for athletes?

A lot of people confuse CBD for THC. These are the two primary compounds found in the cannabis plant. As soon as someone hears cannabis, they associate it with getting high.

THC is responsible for this because it's the chemical that gets you high, and it's banned in sports.

However, CBD is non-psychoactive and has different effects on the body. In 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from the prohibitions list. The US Anti-Doping Agency did the same. You can see more about the prohibition list here.

Professional athletes who use CBD oil

Many professional athletes use CBD oil. Some are huge advocates of the cannabis plant, and they've used it throughout their careers. Here is a list of 12 professional athletes who use CBD oil.

1. Mike Tyson: Boxer

Mike Tyson is a supporter of CBD oil

Mike Tyson is a former boxing champion who has lately been in the news for promoting CBD. He is growing a marijuana farm called "Cannabis Resorts" for folks who want to develop or smoke hemp in his forty-acre land in California City. Mike is a firm believer in the positive impact of CBD and vouches for them.

2. David Wells: Baseball

David Wells uses CBD oil for pain

David Wells became severely addicted to Percocet and confessed that he depended on it approximately 75-80% of the time. It was the peak of his career, which also included prevailing a second World War Series Championship with the New York Yankees. But he gradually switched to the usage of CBD and has continued to enjoy the myriad blessings that it provides.

3. KC Deane: Outdoor sports

KC Deane uses CBD oil for his outdoor sports

KC is an outdoors athlete who competes in multiple events. He's known as one of the best mountain bike athletes in the country. Deane has received notoriety for his abilities and has also been featured in movies. In the movie series "Blank The Movie," KC admits that he regularly uses CBD for handling his pain and improving his recovery process.

4. Rick Upchurch: NFL

Denver Broncos was a former basketball player who was diagnosed with leukemia and started chemotherapy in 2011. Rick was using CBD to relieve his nausea symptoms from chemotherapy. Rick says that CBD is now part of his lifestyle, and he can't leave it now. It has helped him during this challenging time which, no medicine could offer.

5. Jay Williams: Basketball

Jay Williams uses topical CBD products

Williams is a former NBA famous person who advocates CBD oil and spreads the word of its medical advantages. Jay has been using it on his skin and said that he had observed multiple blessings from it. He said it relieves irritation and also takes away anxiety, which is excellent for him.

6. Jack Plummer: NFL

Jack Plummer sees medicinal value in CBD

Jack Plummer is a former NFL quarterback who began the use of CBD oil to assist his joint and cartilage features after undergoing major hip surgeries. He advocated for more CBD studies to be done to show its medicinal value. Jake has co-founded a non-profit enterprise called Athletes For Care. It focuses on alternative treatment options for athletes such as CBD.

7. Chris Camozzi: UFC fighter

Chris Camozzi uses CBD oil for pain and inflammation

MMA fighter Chris Camozzi has been using CBD oil for a long time now. It allows him to cope with his inflammation and pain-related issues with his extreme fighting. Chris has been familiar with CBD after an excessive knee injury, and he admits that CBD has been helpful.

8. Nate Diaz: UFC fighter

Athletes who use CBD oil in their sport

Nate has been open about his usage of CBD oil and how it helps him in his intense career. He said that it helps him deal with things like inflammation and accelerates the healing process. His job involves contact, which results in minor and significant injuries that CBD helps him with.

9. Eugene Monroe: NFL

Eugene Monroe is a huge advocate of cannabis and CBD

Eugene turned into the first active NFL football player to promote that he uses CBD oil. He has been an advocate of CBD and its medicinal properties. He also supports "The Bright Lights Campaign," which encourages studies and continued research on the outcomes of CBD and how it can greatly impact society.

10. Derrick Morgan: NFL

Derrick Morgan uses CBD oil for pain

Famous NFL player, Derrick Morgan has been using CBD for quite a while. Morgan is an elite athlete and has been utilizing CBD to deal with his pain and inflammation.

11. Rick Williams: NFL

Rick Williams is a huge advocate for CBD

NFL player Ricky Williams is a massive advocate for cannabis. He was suspended from the NFL for using marijuana, judged by the media, and forced by the NFL to wait for a substance abuse program.

In reality, Williams had intense social anxiety, which was caused by the limelight from professional sports. He turned to cannabis for its medicinal effects. Williams was once a spokesperson for Paxil, a pharmaceutical drug for anxiety and depression. He has been quoted saying that cannabis became "10 times higher than Paxil" for his condition.


Those were the top 11 athletes who use CBD oil. You can see that most of them are advocates for the cannabis plant as it provides medicinal value to sport. The best CBD oil on the market right now is by NuLeaf Naturals.

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